Yamaha YHT-393BL Review

As you may have noticed, most Home theater systems, unfortunately don’t have very good surround sound systems hooked up to them! This however is a huge mistake! Good image quality is just one half of the job, without some good surround sound speakers, even the best home theater system is simply not working to its full potential and not providing you with the complete HD or cinematic experience!

In this review, we will talk in great detail about the Yamaha YHT393-BL! According to many web sites and publications that feature home theater reviews, it’s one of the best Yamaha home theater systems currently available on the market! Are they right? Well, why don’t you read my review and find out?

Yamaha YHT-393BL Description

Yamaha YHT-393BL

Since the 1960′s, Yamaha’s audio and video electronics engineers have produced some of the most high quality products and services that have never failed to satisfy all the different needs of musicians and audiophiles all over the world!

Yamaha’s products and services are world famous for their superior quality in acoustics, elegant design, high technology, careful craftsmanship, and customer service! This has made Yamaha the favorite brand of many musicians, music lovers, and home theater enthusiasts!

The Yamaha YHT-393 is an amazing entry level HTiB home theater system that comes with a 100W 5-channel A/V Receiver, as well as Yamaha’s signature technologies such as SCENE and CINEMA DSP! It also is fully compatible with the 1080p HDMI repeater functionality (it can also support 3D after a simple firmware update) and it also comes with a wide variety of connectivity options and a very powerful 100W sub woofer, easily making it one of the best Yamaha Home theater models on the market!

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YHT-393BL Features

  • Wide variety of connectivity options!

Thanks to the optional YDS-12 Universal Dock, you will be able to effortlessly connect your iPod or iPhone to the receiver of the YHT-393BL! The YDS-12 dock it self is also “Works with iPhone” certified, which means that it will easily allow to make the most out of your iPhone music library while it’s connected to your Yamaha home theater system!

Furthermore, with the optional YBA-10 Bluetooth Wireless Audio Receiver, the receiver of your  5,1 channel home theater system, will be able to support A2DP stereo audio streaming, allowing you to enjoy music wirelessly from Blue tooth enabled smart phones, and even PCs and Macs!

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  • 1080p-compatible HDMI repeater, complete with 3D support!

The brand new YHT-393 by Yamaha comes with full support for the innovative HDMI repeater function! It has 4 input ports and 1 for output, all ready at any time to pass the digital content from all your high definition media sources to your HDTV!

Furthermore, thanks to the fact that this  5.1 channel home theater features the very latest in HDMI connector technology, it’s also HDMI 3D-ready! You will need a very simple to do firmware upgrade before joining the 3D revolution though!

  • Deep color transmission!

The Yamaha YHT-393BL 5.1 Channel 500 Watt HTIB system, fully supports the latest HDMI 30- and 36-bit color depths, which will provide you with vastly improved color reproduction performance from the previous versions that only featured 24-bit depth.

This brand new and state of the art “Deep Color” feature, enables your system to render billions of colors, thus providing you with far greater accuracy! Colors are so vivid and life like, that they jump right off the screen! With the YHT393BL, you’ll also get perfectly smooth tonal transitions and super fine gradations between colors. It also allows way more shades of gray to be displayed on screen, providing you with the highest contrast ratio possible!

  • Unique and very intuitive volume controls!

This amazing Yamaha Home Theater system, comes with three unique and extremely intuitive volume control features! The Volume Trim feature, will adjust the volume of every input connected to the system in order to normalize the volume levels across all the connected media sources!

The Initial Volume function, will  allow you to easily tune to a preset volume level every time you turn on your receiver! Finally, the Max Volume function,  allows you to set your very own maximum volume levels, to keep smaller speakers, like the satellites, from “blowing out”!

  • Unique Audio Delay Compensation function!

It’s a well known that the very latest display devices and HDTVS perform numerous complex internal processes at the same time, which may cause a slight time lag in the video signal and make the audio appear out of sync. It is a very small difference, but because the audio will arrive first, you may feel that something is not natural or wrong.

The Audio Delay function of the Yamaha YHT-393BL has been specially designed with adjusting Lip-Sync problems in mind and it will make sure that the audio will always match perfectly the video displayed on the screen!

The Yamaha Home Theater Good and Bad

The Good:

  • Great sound and video quality!
  • The Audio Delay Compensation feature is great!
  • Very powerful!
  • The remote is very user friendly!
  • Very elegant design!
  • Very easy to set up!
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The Bad:

  • You have to buy extra accessories for iPod and Blue Tooth support.
  • A Firmware upgrade is needed to make it 3D ready.

Where to buy Yamaha YHT-393BL from and for how much?

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