Best Wine Refrigerators

Purchasing a wine refrigerator is much simpler than you may realize. The secret to happiness with your choice of wine refrigerator is considering your lifestyle combined with your style of drinking wine. When you match your needs with your style, the wine refrigerator you select will be the best appliance in your home and it along with your wine will bring you years of happiness. You can spend anywhere between $100 to $1500 for a wine refrigerator, and the key to proper enjoyment of the wine refrigerator is the first consider how it will be used and what type of aging and storing needs are the most important for your situation.
Have a look first at some of the bestselling wine refrigerators right now to have an idea what’s popular:

5 Best Uline Wine Refrigerators

When you’re looking for style and quality in wine coolers, then consider Uline’s range of Wine Refrigerators. Two of the best wine refrigerator series Uline offers are the Origins and the Echelon. Each series has different models so there are many options to select from.

Echelon models have interiors that are black and black cabinets, and the Origins coolers come with white interiors. There are swing-door models that have 3 zones for temperatures in the cabinet, and the drawer models have two zones by design.

With the triple-temperature zone design you have the ability to store 3 types of wine such as red, sparkling, and white. You get three different levels of temperature all in the same cabinet. All of the Uline models have an auto-defrost setting.

If you want to cool and store only one kind of wine, like a few bottles of your favourite white, then you can make an adjustment for the most favourable temperature for that particular wine. This way, your most cherished wine will never run out.

Uline’s Most Popular Wine Refrigerators

All wine refrigerators by ULine are top quality appliances that proved quality wine storage conditions that is wrapped up in elegance and sophistication.

Wine Captain WC2115 Wine Cooler

This model by Uline can hold up to 24 .75 litre bottles. It has an elegant black cabinet with a maple front. The wine racks fit easily into any modern designed kitchen furnishing. The under counter wine coolers come in 14, 15, or 16 inch widths. They can be conveniently installed in areas where space is limited. With the levelling legs, you can expect precise and easy placement under counters.

The 3 zone temperature design and the humidity level of 50% provides conditions of stable storage for any wine collection.
Temperature Stratification on the wine cabinet’s Interior:

• Top: 55 ºF (13 ºC) for storage of red wines
• Middle: 50 ºF (10 ºC) for storage of white wines
• Bottom: 45 ºF (7 ºC) for storage of any sparkling wines

It is important to note this model is not a 3-zone cooler. It has a single zone that is designed in a manner that will result in a stratas of 3 varying temperatures within the cabinet itself.

Five racks can be pulled in and out to allow you to easily access the bottles. Digital controls are built into the bottom rack. This allows you to adjust the temperatures of the middle zone while the temperatures are displayed in the additional zones in Celsius and Fahrenheit degrees. With the lower rack being slightly slanted will add a nicer display functionality.

Recessed lighting on the interior switches on when the door is open, but it can also be turned on or off according to preference. If it is left on, it will go on an auto shut off after 4 hours. If the door isn’t properly closed or if it is accidentally left open, then you will hear an audible alert to warn you to properly close the door.

The 2115WC Echelon Wine Captain comes in two finishes:

Stainless Steel: This cabinet is trimmed in stainless steel with a glass door. This elegant model can be ordered with a left-hand or right-hand hinged.

Black: This model is a stainless steel version that is covered in black. The directionality of the door can be reversed.

Limited Warranty: 1 year on labor and parts

Origins Series – 1175WC Wine Refrigerator

1175WCS-00 24 Wine Cooler Captain ModelThis is a built-in model wine refrigerator. It can easily accommodate 48 standard-sized wine bottles. Similar to the series of Echelon, these models have three zones for temperatures with pull-out wine racks that are zinc coated.

The racks have a décor on the front that is maple, they can be painted so they will match your other kitchen furnishings. The lowest wine rack comes with a digital touch button control and display. This model wine refrigerator is a bit wider than other models.It is also offered in stainless steel and black decors that include the same types of features as the Echelon models. Find out more here.

Echelon Dual-Zone Wine Refrigerator

U-Line U2175WCCS00 48 Bottle Single Zone Wine Refrigerator LockThis dual zone wine refrigerator is a combination of innovation and elegant sophistication. This two drawer refrigerator not only offers excellent storage for any collection, and with a contemporary look it can enrich any home.

This refrigerator is capable of holding up to 43 750 milliliter wine bottles. Each drawer can have temperatures set independently between 40 to 60 degrees Fahrenheit. This allows you to store your reds in one drawer and your whites or sparkling wines in the other.

This Echelon 2 drawer model is able to maintain a 50% relative humidity inside the unit, thus allowing the opportunity for experiments with aging.

The cabinet’s interior and exterior is black and that adds elegance visually to the background to the wines when it is illuminated by the softer interior lighting. The lights turn on automatically when the drawer opens and it shuts off after 4 hours of inactivity.

The light switches are recessed in both of the drawers. This allows you to illuminate the interior of the drawers even when they are shut. When you press the icon for LIGHT on the panel of controls you can set it to a continuous 4-hour illumination.

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The model Echelon Wine Captain 2-Zone wine refrigerator comes in two door designs:

Overlay Model: You can make the selection of custom wood door frames. It is also black with a black interior and the front grille is black. When choosing this model if you don’t request the custom overlay, you will have to purchase a contoured black handle to go with this model.

Stainless Steel: This model is trimmed with a stainless steel drawer handles featuring the most graceful of designs. For this model you can select a commercial styled handle that will have straight sculpting. With the toe kick grille, it completes the look in a contemporary fashion for this order.

Cuisinart Wine Cellar

Cuisinart CWC-1600 Private Reserve Wine CellarThe Cuisinart Wine Cellar Private Reserve Cooler Model is favored highly among wine cooler brands and models, simply because it is manufactured by a world-renowned company in the field of industrial, residential, and commercial appliances for the kitchen.

The Cuisinart Wine Cooler is capable of holding up to 16 bottles of wine at a time. It can also keep them under temperature levels that are ideal to ensure each wines signature flavors, body, and bouquet are all maintained.

The Cuisinart model CWC-1600 has features that are innovative such as a touchpad with blue LED display and a cooling system that is thermoelectric. The touchpad allows users to electronically set the unit according to the preferred temperature levels that range from 39 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit. The LED blue display offers interior lighting that is soft with a switch for turning on and off.

The Private Reserve Wine Cooler & Cellar Cooler by Cuisinart has an attractive stainless steel finish. In addition to displaying the collection of wine in style, this model also make sure the unit is free from corrosion and rust. In other words, it is built to last.

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The CWC-1600 by Cuisinart is also portable and compact with its 15.7 x 17.7 x 20.9 inches measurements and weight at 9 pounds. Users are able to visually see the bottles of wine through the viewing window of the double-paned door.

Each one of the Private Reserve Wine Cooler & Cellar Cooler models from Cuisinart comes with 4 of the chrome contoured racks for the wine. They are designed to hold 750 milliliter bottles of wine. If you remove the rack, the unit can hold 1500 milliliter bottles of wine.

Specifications and Features

• Designed by the world-renowned company in the field of industrial, residential, and commercial appliances for the kitchen – none other than Cuisinart.

• It can hold up to 16 bottles of wine

• It keeps the wine at the ideal temperature levels to make sure their flavors, body, and bouquet are maintained.

• Comes with innovative features like the touchpad for electronic setting of the unit according to your temperature level preferences that range from 39 to 68 degrees Fahrenheit.

• Blue LED display for interior lighting that is soft, includes switch for turning it on and off.

• The thermoelectric cooling system features temperatures that can be held at efficient levels even at low power, while the unit remains quiet. Throughout its operation the unit remains vibration-free.

• Stainless steel attractive finish for the display of the wine collection

• Corrosion free and Rust Free, for a unit that last longer.

• Portable and compact. Weighs 9 pounds and measures in at 15.7 x 17.7. x 20.9 inches

• Double –paned window for viewing wine collection. Users will still be able to see the wine inside the unit.

• Each package comes with 4 chrome-contoured racks for holding the wine bottles. With the rack it can hold 750 milliliter wine bottles and without the rack it can hold 1500 milliliter bottles of wine.

Customer Ratings & Reviews

Reviewing the various customer reviews for the Private Reserve Wine Cooler & Cellar by Cuisinart, this wine refrigeration system is a unit that is really nice with relatively minor flaws. Despite the downsides, users really seem to enjoy this Cuisinart wine cooler.

According to many of the users, this model by Cuisinart is advertised that it can hold up to 8 750 milliliter bottles or the 1500 milliliter bottles, however once the bottles are actually put inside, it is a tight fit, especially for white wines. It seems the reds have a hard time fitting and a champagne bottle will only fit once the rack is removed.

Despite this flaw, many of the users still love the CWC-1600 by Cuisinart for being a really quiet running model and for saving space. It will easily fit on a kitchen counter that is small or underneath a kitchen cabinet. Additional features that have been noted by users also include its ability to hold the consistent temperatures and a stainless steel finish that is really attractive.

Overall, the Cuisinart wine refrigerator is still a good purchase even considering the flaw in the capacity. Some uses, especially wine collectors, find this a big turn off and a down side they cannot accept. A majority of the users mention they can manage the capacity for 8 bottles. This model receives average to high star ratings form reviewers and users as well as it can be purchased for a really low price. It seems that overall, the Cuisinart Private Reserve Wine Cooler & Cellar & Cooler might still have more to prove even still.

Now you can display all of your favorite wines in complete style with the CWC-1600 Private Reserve Wine Cooler & Cellar by Cuisinart. It features the 4 chrome racks that are contoured to hold up to 16 bottles of wine. With the LED display, the electric control lets you adjust the temperature settings with ease.

The CWC-1600 Private Reserve Wine Cooler & Cellar by Cuisinart is a solution that is compact when it comes to storing wines. As you maintain the ideal temperature for storage the CWC-1600 Private Reserve Wine Cooler & Cellar by Cuisinart will ensure that the eight or 16 bottles you are storing are able to preserve their flavors, body, and bouquet. This is important to anyone who really enjoys drinking wine. You can set the preferred temperature easily through the touch pad control system. And one of the best parts is that it runs quiet and efficiently.

If you don’t have a large collection to start off with, or if you want to rotate your stock that you are drinking, this is a good model to begin with. It is a very budget friendly model and Cuisinart is a name brand that you can trust. They have been making top quality appliances for many years and have earned their name in the industry. If saving space is an issue this is also a good model for that reason. Some kitchen areas are small so having a compact unit like the CWC-1600 Private Reserve Wine Cooler & Cellar by Cuisinart will be just right. Learn more or buy it now!

Danby Wine Refrigerators

Danby DBC120BLS Beverage Center - Stainless SteelFor over 60 years, Danby has been a manufacturer of small electrical appliances. They have brought forth the most innovative product, including a wide range of refrigerators and wine coolers. They have a reputation for manufacturing affordable wine cellars for home use as well as beverage centers that have grown in popularity. They have a capacity from a small 6-bottle cooler to larger model coolers that have a capacity for upwards toward 200 bottles. The company is able to produce both single and dual zones for temperatures, which can be built-in or freestanding units.

They pride themselves that all of the products in their line will meet all safety and environmental standards. They have a number of certifications that include: CSA, ETL, UL, and NRTL recognized approvals standards.

Zones and Sizes

Danby has created classes to size the wine coolers and they are put into 4 groups:

• 1-20 Bottles
• 21-60 Bottles
• 41-65 Bottles
• 98-200 Bottles

Both Single and Dual temperature zone coolers are available in models that are larger capacity. The temperature zones are controlled individually for the storage of white and red wines at the most optimum temperatures and the settings that have a range of 4 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius which is also 39 degrees Fahrenheit to 64 degrees Fahrenheit.


The range of colors offered by Danby for wine coolers and cellars comes in a range of finishes as well that include:

• Black
• Black and Platinum
• Black and Stainless Steel
• Stainless Steel

The black cabinet that is featured in many of the available models strives to emulate more traditional wine cellars.


Smaller wine coolers feature the cooling technology of the energy efficient semi-conductor, which in essence is a silent system of operation and does not cause any vibration that can bother sedimentary deposits in the wine.
Some models come with a Digital Thermostat that is precise with an LED display. This allows the temperature to be easily monitored after it has been accurately set.

On a number of models, the cool blue LED lighting will illuminate the cooler’s interior without raising the heat of the cabinet’s incandescent bulb.

Some of the models have a push button thermostat that is intuitive, and it can be set anywhere from 10 degrees Celsius to 18 degrees Celsius which is 50 degrees Fahrenheit to 64.4 degrees Fahrenheit.


The trim and color on the shelves in each model is reflective of the trim and color of the cooler. Some of the cabinets have a stainless steel trim with black wood shelving and others may be higher in cost with cherry stained wood shelves that have a stainless steel trim.

Many of the shelves have a roller glide style that is designed for minimizing agitation when they are moved in and out, preventing the deposits in the bottles from being agitated.

Security Lock

Several of the models have a safety door lock that is integrated in and it has a key. This is helpful in protecting the contents form unwanted people or children.


Many of the cabinets have a cool blue lighting that is LED, which is a wonderful feature that will show off the stored wines in a gentle manner, without creating any increase in temperature that can most often be caused by incandescent lights.


The tempered glass door comes on chillers of all sizes. They include a stainless steel frame and a handle. In some units the glass door is also tempered glass that is tinted. This helps to protect the wine from UV rays that can be harmful.

Sometimes handles are integrated into the model and some of them have optional reversible hinges for interchanging the opening from a right or left style.

Frost Free Defrost

The fan forced cooling system is frost-free and that is sometimes in combination with control of the digital thermostat that is helpful in providing a consistent internal temperature instead of the normal auto-defrost systems.

Beverage Centers

A small number of single and dual-zoned beverage centers provide chilling for cans and bottles. They are available in both single tiered cabinets and side by side models.

Danby’s Beverage Center DBC120BLS has a range of temperatures from 6 degrees Celsius to 14 degrees Celsius which is 43 degree Fahrenheit to 57 degrees Fahrenheit and they are controlled by a mechanical thermostat.

The door is a side-mount recessed handle with a lock that is integrated into the tempered glass door and it has a smart stainless steel trim that offers a look that is stylish.

The smallest model of the Danby cooler is not only compact, it is very efficient for a counter-top wine cooler. It has a 6 bottle capacity and is the Maitre’D DWC620PL-SC model.

There are three chrome wire shelves that are sculpted, that cradles the wine. It is available in a platinum finish and the interior LED light has an on and off switch so you can showcase your collection when you want to.

The thermostat is a digital LED that is conveniently placed near the center-top exterior region of the cabinet and it can be set between 4 to 22 degrees Celsius. This model uses a semi-conductor technology that ensures the quietest operation.

The DWC172BL is one of Danby coolers smaller but also popular models. It is a single zoned countertop model in all black. This wine cooler has a capacity to hold 17 wine bottles and it will blend in with just about any color-scheme and décor.

As one of the Danby Designer models, it has two vinyl-coated wire shelves and a staggered shelf with a molded worktop that is convenient when it comes to the storage of accessories.

This cooler has an option for a left or right opening door. It is convenient fitted with reversible hinges that make the way you open it optional.

Danby also has the DW286BLS in their designer collection. It is a freestanding cooler that is quite elegant. It has a 38 bottle capacity and two distinct but separate cooling zones that are regulated. It comes with shelves that are black wood with a stainless steel trim to match the exterior of the unit that is also stainless steel.

Avanti Wine Coolers

The Wine Cooler from Avanti is a cutting edge device from this top manufacturer. There is no doubt that Avanti has made their mark as a leading authority in the manufacture and supply of a line of wine and beverage coolers.  Some of the coolers are created for the storage of both white and red wines. There are larger models that are designed to store white, red, or sparkling wines in the conditions that are required. It is a way to ensure the products stored remain in good condition for consumption.

Avanti Wine Cooler Special Features

When you purchase a Avanti Wine Cooler, there are all kinds of features available, such as:

• Capacity: The Avanti Coolers have a capacity that differs based on the size of the model. In their product line the largest cooler with the highest storage capacity allows you to store up to 149 wine bottles.

• LED Light Display: In a cooler that is designed with an LED display lighting will give your wine collection an impressive and attractive look while they are on display.
• Dual Zones Design: The coolers made by Avanti have versatility in offering a design of dual zones that will allow users to store red, white, and sparkling wines in different manners.

• Wooden pull out roller shelves: The roller assembly is sturdy and allows for easier movement when you are replacing or removing your wines. Bottles will glide seamlessly in and out of the cooler.

• Display Panel: You can easily monitor the temperature settings you want to have your wines stored at.

If you are planning to buy a wine cooler, the models by Avanti are one of the best units that provide the highest quality services to those who use them. The models of Avanti wine coolers are ideal for those areas where space is limited because they are not bulky and large. Avanti is even responsible for manufacturing a wine cooler that is made specifically to fit underneath the counter. From the average household entertaining to the definitive wine connoisseur, there is a model of wine cooler that is available from Avanti that will suit your particular needs.

12 Bottle Wine Cooler by Avanti

Avanti 12 Bottle Thermoelectric Counter Top Wine Cooler - Model EWC1201This cooler can store up to 12 wine bottles at a time. With the innovative design in this unit, there can be vertical or standing storage of up to 4 wine bottles that are open. This unit is free from vibration so the sediment in each bottle will not be disturbed. This model has a stylish and modern look due to the curved glass door. This classic black cabinet has finished platinum accents which complement the décor. Learn more or buy it now

Avanti’s line of wine coolers is specially designed for providing and maintaining the conditions that are ideal for successful storage of your wines, while they are showcased in a manner that is most attractive. Wine connoisseurs and enthusiasts are able to select models from a selection of wine coolers that is appealing. Even if you aren’t as avid of a wine drinker, but you enjoy keeping a few bottles in an about your home for special occasions, there is a wine cooler in the Avanti made just for you. Many users have really enjoyed the high quality service from these units known as the Avanti wine cooler. Based on the many reviews, the brand of Avanti wine coolers are highly rated among users not only for being attractive but also for their durability and ability to ensure the wines remain at the perfect temperature.

Average Amazon Customer Rating: 4 Stars out of 5


Avanti WCR682SS-2 166 Bottle Capacity Free-Standing Wine Cooler with Stainless Steel Frame DoorThe Avanti wine cooler model WCR682SS holds up to 166 bottles. The shelves are made to rollout. This model is a temperature-controlled storage that has a design that is sleek and elegant. It is a first-rate wine cooler for the avid entertainer and serious wine connoisseur alike. The shelves are made from an easy-slide technology and have one-touch control systems that include pre-programmed, specific wine-type settings that makes storing your wines as simple as it can be. This way you can enjoy your wine at its best even if you are new to collecting. No matter what, this cooler can handle your wine storage needs.

Customer Satisfaction and Product Reputation

When it comes to the Consumer Appliance Industry, Avanti is a brand that has been around for approximately 30 years. Today, Avanti has a good and strong reputation and this is a direct result of the company offering consumers top quality services at a price that is most attractive. The consumers are thrilled to have a wine cooler that not only puts there wines on display in an elegant fashion, but can store the opened wines as well. It’s almost as if they were listening directly to the actual thoughts of their customers. Avanti makes their wine coolers built with shelves that are easily adjustable. The company has also expanded the cooler line to include under the counter models that are somewhat larger. They are also equipped with digital controls so you can set your thermostat. The Avanti cooler comes with shelves that are wooden, which are easy to pull out when the wines are being removed. It is also easy to push back in when the wine is being replaced. The simplicity allows users to enjoy their wine cooler without any problems or issues.

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Average Amazon Customer Rating: 4 Stars out of 5

Avanti designs wine coolers that are improved based on the customers reviews. This will result in a line of coolers that the customers continue to rate as products that are of the highest quality. The coolers are attractive, and they are equipped with controls that are easy to use. These models are also inexpensive and even more importantly, the job gets done by keeping the wines chilled in conditions that are perfect which allows users to enjoy them at their very best.

It is no doubt that the Avanti wine cooler is a model that serves the users very well. They are exceptionally committed to the delivery of convenience and durability. Users will continue to enjoy the services for long periods of time an d so the maintenance costs and replacement can be avoided. These devices are quite affordable and not as difficult to afford as you can guess.

Under Counter Wine Refrigerators

A dandy replacement for a typical large wine cellar that take up space and are expensive is an under counter wine cooler. Both of the countertop and under counter wine coolers are an excellent addition to any kitchen because they don’t block any work space and they deliver performance equally. These models are very sleek and will easily fit underneath kitchen counters and they are handy for storing and serving wine.

The Under Cabinet Wine Cooler Benefits

SPT WC-3302US 33-Bottle Under-Counter Wine Cooler Commercial Grade

SPT WC-3302US 33-Bottle Under-Counter Wine Cooler Commercial Grade

When it comes to an under cabinet wine cooler, one of the foremost benefits is their ability to save space. They are somewhat similar to an under counter coffee maker. You can install them under the kitchen counters, or a wet bar, or in any other location that is convenient for you. They are smaller in size, these types of wine coolers offer a large area for storage surprisingly. They feature shelves that are adjustable for storage of liquor, and also ale and beer beverages.

These types of coolers have glass doors that are double paned. They have reversible swinging hinges, which make them convenient for opening from either direction. Users can server drinks at their preferred temperature by setting a temperature that is controllable. These controls come with timers that are built-in, which allow users to set the desired temperature for drinking.

If you purchase the wine refrigerator that is a dual zone unit, they come with spaces of separate storage for white and red wines because both of them have separate degrees for chilling. You can choose a wine cooler that is single zoned if you don’t need separate ones.

Check out a wide variety of Under counter wine coolers.

Using an Under Counter Wine Cooler – Tips for Maintenance

Even though wine refrigerators for under counter are quickly replacing the conventional wine cellars, they should still be kept away from external sources of heat. Because they are coolers, they need to be kept away from any exposure of heat for the most optimal cooling.
Some refrigerators and other appliances can cause vibrating that when in operation could damage your collections of wine.

Both of the countertop and under the counter models should be kept far away from any dishwashers, the vibrating could cause damage to the coolers and the wines.

You should also avoid usage of an under cabinet wine cooler that has clear glass doors. When natural light enters the cooler via the clear glass, it can be harmful to the liquor. It is best to use the under the counter coolers that have tint on the glass so that the sunlight is warded off.

Finding a Wine Refrigerator Under Counter That is Just Right

Depending on your needs for storage, choose a cooler that is based on the storage capacity of the bottles. Most people tend to select based on their needs at the current time. But it is important to keep in mind that over time those needs will change and grow. A good rule of thumb is to purchase a cooler that is double sized of what your current needs are.

Preference should be given to coolers that have interiors that are aluminum instead of those that use plastic. This is due to aluminum being a much better conductor of heat and cold and it will most likely maintain a steadier temperature for a longer period of time.

For maintenance of proper humidity, you should look for a textured pebble door lining. Go for a wine cooler that is under counter model that has roll-out shelving with a wooden frame and wire grids. You could also choose wooden racks for adjustment that is easy. Avoid damage from UV rays by choosing doors with tinted glass.
The most difficult thing to deal with is the vibration that the coolers cause. The models with compressors can cause vibrations. Choose higher-end models that have shock mounts so the effects of vibration are minimized.

A Counter Top Wine Refrigerator’s Utilities

Counter top wine coolers are another option that is a great space saver. This is because they are light weight, compact, and are easily placed on a space that is small on the counters in the kitchen. Additionally, they have LED displays that have soft touch controls for setting temperatures and other features that are necessary. They are a good alternative to those that go under the counters and they are convenient as well.

Most of the users rate the under counter wine cooler’s as being better than designs for countertop models. They say the later are great for small wine and beer storage and for quick service. Under counter models offer more storage space, usability, and features as well.

Refrigerators that are under counter are a completely different product. You can purchase a dorm style refrigerators for $100, but a dorm model won’t fit under a counter or between cabinets because it can cause the compressor to malfunction. That is what the biggest difference is between a free standing refrigerator and an under counter model.

They are however, still a cheaper option for an under counter refrigerator than a cabinet that is custom.
There are certain brands that are well liked, but there isn’t one that dominates the ranks. There are several very good brands such as Uline, Perlick, Jenn-Air, Danby, and Sub Zero to name a few. Some are better in certain areas of functionality and you can choose between beverage centers, all refrigerators, and wine coolers.

Things To Consider When Buying a Wine Fridge

Location of the Wine Refrigerator

A wine refrigerator can come in a range of sizes, from large to small and narrow to wide. They can be freestanding models or built-in. Some types of wine refrigerators run as quiet as a whisper, while other models have compressors that are nosier. Because there are so many choices, what is the best way to determine the type of model that is right for your situation? To ensure that you get the model of wine refrigerator that will best suit your needs, you must first decide where you will place your wine refrigerator. Will it be in a living room area, kitchen, or a utility area?

In a living area a wine refrigerator will become a part of the home’s décor and functionality as any other piece of furniture or appliance in your home. This is why you must consider the level of noise output of the cooling system on the wine refrigerator. If you are looking for a smaller unit, consider purchasing a model that uses thermoelectric cooling instead of a traditional compressor. With Thermoelectric wine refrigerators, owners fine they are quieter, more energy efficient, and reliable. Not only that but they eliminate possible vibrations that are normally associated with other types of compressor units. Minimal or no vibration means the wine sediments will not be disturbed.

In a utility area you will consider placement of your wine refrigerator in a basement or a garage. In the kitchen area it needs to go on an open wall, possibly near your refrigerator or on an opposing wall. The primary concern here will be the level of efficiency of the compressor over the amount of noise it makes. Especially because basements and garages can experience extreme fluctuations in temperature. It is important to make sure the compressor system in the wine refrigerator is strong enough to ensure the temperature of the wine is not just cool, it is also consistent. These compressors are generally louder than thermoelectric coolers, however they provide increased power as well as stability. This ensures the wine is not affected by the temperature that surrounds the exterior of the wine refrigerator. It is always a good practice of wine storage to place the wine refrigerator in a location where it can access the ambient and fresh air to keep the humidity levels and temperature fluctuating to a minimum.

Storage Needs and your Wine Refrigerator

As well as making the decision for placement of your wine refrigerator, it is also important to consider the storage needs prior to purchase.

Free-Standing vs. Built-in Wine Refrigerators:

There are two basic storage categories for a wine refrigerator, built-in or free-standing. A free-standing wine refrigerator is an independent standing cabinet and a built-in wall unit is place in the interior of the wall. One of the advantages of a wine refrigerator that is free-standing is that it includes more variety in ranges of size, like a model that is small enough for a counter-top placement or a large enough unit where a wine collection of up to 250 bottles or more can be kept. A built-in unit is a perfect choice for those who wish the wine refrigerator to match or blend in with the home’s décor. Sometimes built-in models can be designed to match the cabinets in the kitchen and the overall style. A built-in unit will vent to the front to insure an ambient temperature remains in the surrounding location. A free-standing unit has vents in the back. If this is the type of model you want, you must be sure that the wine refrigerator is in a location where the vent isn’t touching or close to a wall and that the ambient fresh air can reach the unit.

Capacity for Bottles:

A very important storage feature you can choose when making your wine refrigerator purchase is its capacity for the amount of bottles it can hold. There are varieties of wine refrigerators that are made to store 6 to 260 bottles of wine. Even if you have a very small collection currently, you want to think about how much that collection could expand in the next 5 to 10 years. You want to make sure that the wine refrigerator has the ability to accommodate expanding. Additionally, the bottle capacity is related directly to kind of racking system that is selected because certain racking options offer greater capacity for storage than others do.

Haier 8-Bottle Bottle Wine Cellar with Electronic Controls

This wine refrigerator has an 8-bottle capacity. It is perfect for keeping a smaller set of white or red wines at optimum temperatures. It is an elegant black model that has smoked glass with a curved door that has silver trim. It features LED display with electronic temperature controls. There is a double-pane insulated glass door for further protection from the environment outside. It has 4 full-width chrome racks for storing the bottles in style as the thermoelectric cooling system serves an environment for your wine that is free from vibrations. It has a compact design that makes it just right for use on a countertop.

Options for Racking:

All wine refrigerators are equipped with different rack styles and options for wine racking. There are slide out chrome plated or wood shelves, chrome wine racks that are interchangeable, wine racks that are built-in, and shelving units that are flat wire. All forms of wine racks for wine refrigerators are made so that your wine bottles that lie securely on the sides insuring the wine remains in contact with its cork for proper aging and preservation. With a slide-out wine rack, there is a measure of convenience because they allow you to have the opportunity to view your wine easily as well as accessibility, and placement of the wine within the unit. Wine racks that are built-in are also convenient because they allow for more storage of more bottles in a smaller unit because the wine bottles could be stacked upon each other. This is very handy if you have bottles that are larger that might not fit in pull-out shelves which are designated.

Temperature Zones and Wine Refrigerators

When it comes to a wine refrigerator, temperature is of paramount importance for the successful storage and aging of your collection of wine. It is one of the most important values of additional characteristics of a wine refrigerator. A wine cooler refrigerator ensure that the wine is stored in ideal range of aging and it is generally agreed to be between 55 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit without any fluctuation in temperature.

Single Temperature Zones:

A wine refrigerator with a single temperature zone keeps the unit entirely at a constant and stable temperature. At the temperatures between 55 and 59 degrees Fahrenheit, the wine won’t age prematurely or in the maturation process be stunted. Typically red wines and champagnes, and white wines are stored and even served at different temperatures, so a single zone temperature wine refrigerator will be best for those whose predominate selection is one variant over the other.

Dual Temperature Zones:

A dual temperature zone wine refrigerator allows for the storage of different varieties of wine and their different temperature for storage needs very easy. For example, a red wine that is full bodied and rich is usually served between 59 and 68 degrees Fahrenheit and a lighter red is served at 54 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit. Additionally, roses, dry white wines, and blush wines are often served between 46 to 57 degrees Fahrenheit. To account for the variations in temperature, a dual temperature zoned wine refrigerator can come equipped with compartments that are independent which feature manual temperature controls for every zone or with wine racks that are placed in specific locations in the wine refrigerator where the temperature is either warmer (toward the top) or colder (near the bottom).

Haier 12-Bottle Dual Zone Curved Door with Smoked Glass Wine Cellar

Now you can keep more than a few of your favourite wines in both red and white at that just right temperature thanks to the 12-bottle capacity dual zone wine refrigerator. The temperature in the upper compartment is just right for red wines, while the lower compartment is perfect for chilling white wines. These storage compartments feature their own electronic temperature control with LED display. The door has a double pane insulated glass that helps the interior climate remain consistent and the thermoelectric cooling offers an environment for wines that is vibration-free. This unit has 4 full-width storage chrome racks on the interior and the exterior being in all black will keep your collection in style.

Design Features of Wine Refrigerators

In addition to capacity, location, cooling unit, and temperature, it is also a good idea to give consideration to the type of design features you want the wine refrigerator to have. Additional or special design features that should be considered are internal lighting, options for locking, door hinges that are reversible, and options for thermostat.

Locks and Wine Refrigerators:

For additional protection and security, it is important to consider wine refrigerators that come with a lock. Typically locks are a key and lock combination.

Internal Lighting and Wine Refrigerators:

Wines are extremely sensitive to UV rays in natural light and to other lighting, such as incandescent light that could heat wine bottles and cause damage. LED lighting found in wine refrigerators is more gentle and a safer form of light that can not only enhance the way the wine refrigerator looks, it also illuminates the interior making it easier to read the labels on the wine bottles. LED lighting is recommended over other bulbs that can be found in wine refrigerators because it eliminates the danger of increasing the temperature inside your wine cooler.

Reversible Door Hinges and Wine Refrigerators:

This can be a helpful feature because the reversible door hinges allow you to change how the door opens on your wine refrigerator. A reversible door hinge can potentially open up more locations for storage for the wine refrigerator because you might be able in an area that as once obstructed by the direction that the wine refrigerator opened. When you are able to switch the directionality, obstruction is no longer a problem.

Door Design and Wine Refrigerators:

An important feature of design that should be considered prior to purchase of a wine refrigerator is the type of door the refrigerator has. Some are made of a wood finish, while others have a solid stainless steel construction. Many of the doors are made from tempered glass. Tempered glass is an effective means of protection against harmful lights and UV rays, as do stainless steel and wood finish doors. The benefit of solid doors is that if give you total protection, but a tempered glass will allow you to view your wine collection so you can show it off.

Thermostat Options and Wine Refrigerators:

It is also important to give consideration to the type of thermostat that will be used in your wine refrigerator during operation of its cooling system. The different thermostat options include one-touch, electronic, and manual systems. With manual temperature adjustment, you have the ability to set the temperature to specific levels, but this can take a bit of work to make sure of the accuracy of the temperature. One-touch and electronic systems have readouts that are digital and they are easier to view. Additionally, adjustment of the temperature is easy with the push of a button. Typically one-touch and electronic systems limit the range of temperature settings to pre-determine the range that is deemed proper for your wine collections storage.