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How To Choose The Best Waffle Maker

Who doesn’t love cooking luscious waffles for their families? Waffles and honey make a lovely special Sunday breakfast. Of course you can always enjoy waffles at a good breakfast place but making them at home is a different experience. If you’re the kind that enjoys cooking waffles to perfection, you need the perfect ally that will support you all the way. So before you actually invest in a good waffle maker, what are the factors that would indicate if you are choosing the best waffle maker for your needs?

Hamilton Beach 26020 Belgian Style Waffle Baker

Hamilton Beach Belgian Style Waffle Maker

Size of the best waffle irons Waffles come in various sizes from small to very large waffles. Now this would be a personal choice based on the favorite size in your house. So size of the waffle iron would be the first consideration for purchasing a waffle maker. Shape of the best waffle irons Like size, waffles come in various shapes like large and thin or thick waffles with deep craters that may be deliciously topped up with fillings of your choice like butter, maple syrup or honey. So the next criteria would be shape. If you’ve got an idea of the size and shape that you are looking at, what’s the next feature you should be looking at? Well the next factor would be non-stick surfaces. Old waffle makers were made of iron. These old waffle makers made delicious waffles undoubtedly but were pure hell to clean up. If you happened to open the waffle maker before the waffles were well done, you would need to clean up the sticky mess right away. Luckily, modern waffle makers are made of non-stick surfaces that are easy to clean.

Presto 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

Presto FlipSide Belgian Waffle Maker

The best waffle irons come with inbuilt thermostats In the older days, you had to use your culinary experience to judge if the iron was hot enough to accept the waffles and also if the waffles were ready to come out. Nowadays, however, waffle makers flash light signals that tell you when to put the batter in and when it’s time to get them out. So there are fewer chances of underdone or burnt waffles. That’s great news for those of us who are new to art of waffle making. Rotating and flipping Modern waffle makers come attached to stands that allow flipping or rotating of waffles to allow it to cook evenly over the entire surface. To judge whether you should flip or rotate, all you really need to do is watch the signal lights. If you’re looking for the best waffle maker for your kitchen, then one that reduces your personal effort definitely gets a thumbs-up. Pricing Depending on the budget, there are several waffle makers ranging from as little as 50 dollars to those that come at 200 dollars. You have to strike a balance between the kind of waffles you look forward to serving and the money that you are willing to spend. Buying the cheapest waffle maker is not always recommended as it may fall apart after a few weeks. Medium priced ranges work the best. They tend to last for respectable lengths of time and stand up to wear and tear.

Some of the Top-Rated Waffle Irons

VillaWare 2007 UNO Series Waffle Boat Maker

VillaWare 2007 UNO Series Waffle Boat Maker

VillaWare 2007 UNO Series Waffle Boat Maker is one of the top-ranked in the industry!

The VillaWare 2007 UNO Series Waffle Boat Maker is a perfect solution for those who want a delicious and fluffy waffle without going to a waffle restaurant. This waffle machine creates one single 6″ round waffle featuring boats. The ‘boat’ is a large indention in the waffle that is perfect for jam or fruit fillings, or even just butter and syrup. The ‘ready’ light lets users know when it’s safe to start baking the waffle and then again when the waffle is done. The non-stick coating makes it easy to pop the waffles out without a huge mess. In addition, the cool touch handles ensure that users won’t get burned when opening the waffle maker. The convenient cord wrap eliminates clutter and the maker stands upright for easy storage.

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The Signals and Thermostat Cooking

The two LED light indicators signal towards pouring the batter onto the plates once the waffle-maker is ready and once, the waffles are completely baked. The thermostat control allows you a customized cooking experience, as it lets you bake in lighter and deeper shades of golden brown. Furthermore, the waffle plates of the waffle-maker are easy to extract and clean; seemingly, a great Waring Pro WMK600 review.

So, why wait? Get your hands on the Waring Pro WMK600 today and treat your guests to the tasty waffles for breakfast.

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