Read This Before Buying A Vacuum Cleaner

Here are some of the considerations that you should make before buying a vacuum cleaner

How often do you vacuum?

No need to be embarrassed. Some of us just do not have time to get to this job every day. However, you should consider this frequency when choosing a unit. If you vacuum daily, a light weighted stick model will perfectly keep your home clean. However, if you tend to wait for a week or more to vacuum, an upright and larger model with a more powerful engine will help you get the job done. Even if you are constantly cleaning, if you have a large house with carpets, a small stick model can only be very insufficient.

Upright vs. cylinder vacuum cleaners

The choice between upright and cylinder models is usually a matter of preference, but each type has different characteristics.

Cylinder vacuum cleaners are smaller than the upright models, making it easy to store. They depend solely on their suction power to absorb dust. The air must pass through the tube, this makes the power an important factor to consider when it comes to the cylinder models.

Because the engine is in the main unit and you only have to handle the hose and brush, cylinder based models can easily be used for hard to reach areas, on the stairs and around the furniture. For longer flights of stairs you may need to purchase additional extension hose.

In upright vacuum cleaner you have all the components contained in a single unit. The motor is located near the suction, so that air and dust travel just a short distance to reach the dust bag. This is the reason why the upright models do not need to be as powerful as the cylinder models.

Upright models have a rotating brush that scrapes against the carpet fibers and loosens the dirt and pet hair, making it easier to get sucked. The footprint is larger than the cylinder models, so they are perfect for cleaning large areas of carpet.

Along with other features, it is important to check the length of the supplied cable. If you have a big house, then you should probably consider a model with a longer cable.

Amount of power that you need

The suction is the most important factor in choosing the most effective model, which is what attracts dust and particles into the device. The air flow and agitation, or the capability of the machine to remove dust from the carpet’s fibers as well as the level of filtration, measures the amount of waste that is expelled out. While many manufacturers boast about their AMPS, air watts are the most accurate measure of the cleaning power of a machine.

What style is best?

Bagless models are good as you do not have to take care of the bags, and in most of the cases, you do not even need to touch the container to release the dust and dirt. All you need is to just press the button in the center and all the dirt is expelled out to the garbage can. Furthermore, in models that come with a bag, all the dirt is contained inside, and you have less exposure to fine dust particles. Though, upright and less powerful models have a better ease of cleaning than the canister type cleaners.

Special features to look for

The head shape of the cleaner is an important thing to check out, as channels are necessary to whisk away the dust and dirt. In addition, a rotating brush is great, especially for carpets, because it will comb the fibers and remove debris. Hair and strings can be wrapped around the brush and must be cleaned with scissors. While shopping, turn the device over and take a look at these features.

Wireless models are beneficial if you are cleaning large areas, but make sure that the model has a long run time. If you go for a cordless vacuum cleaner, make sure that it has at least 40 minutes of run time.

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A vacuum cleaner has become an essential item in every household. You run your hand over a piece of furniture or lift the carpet and you will see a thick layer of dust waiting to be wiped out. However, given the time constraints, it is not always feasible to wash carpets regularly or dust furniture each day.

Here’s where a vacuum cleaner fits in. It not only saves time, but also does a good job to get rid of the dust and dirt accumulating on carpets. If you’re thinking of investing in a good quality vacuum cleaner following are some of the pointers that will help you shop intelligently.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners

There are not only different makes of vacuum cleaners, but also different types. Vacuum cleaners are categorized according to different features. Based on their construction, there are upright and canister vacuum cleaners. Like the name suggests, the upright vacuum cleaner is an erect device with a handle extending from the main unit. On the contrary, the canister vacuum cleaner is a device that has an additional square, rectangular or oval compartment to house the suction motor and filtering system. The latter is a great option in hard to reach areas and is highly portable.

In addition to these two major types, there are broom vacuums, handheld vacuums and robotic vacuum cleaners. They are best suited for smaller jobs. Bag and Bag-less vacuums are also types of vacuum cleaners available over the market.

Do you suffer dust allergies?

Dust allergies are nasty. Special vacuum cleaners are made to cater to persons suffering from dust allergies. If you suffer from dust allergies, opt for a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA (high Efficiency Particulate Air) Filter. Upright vacuum cleaners are generally made with HEPA Filters.

 What is your need for a vacuum cleaner?

Vacuum cleaners are not only used in households. They may be purchased for use in a commercial setup to clean heavier and bulkier items like sawdust, wood scraps, concrete dust etc. Thus, your requirements and the setting in which you plan to use it will largely determine the type of vacuum cleaner you should go in for. Commercial settings usually require a high performance hoover with a bag. On the other hand, a canister vacuum cleaner is the best in setting where you are required to go up and down the stairs as it is very portable.

Your Budget

The price should never be regarded as a mark or credibility, quality or efficiency.  It is only the sum of the cost of production and profit.  You may find very efficient models for as low a price as $100. When out to buy a vacuum cleaner, determine your budget and the extent to which you are ready to stretch your budget given that you find a good one in a slightly higher range. Now that you’ve completed this guide, you are ready to check out our list of the Best Vacuums around!

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