Remodel Your Kitchen – A Guide To Remodel Your Kitchen Yourself

3 Essential Elements To Follow For Kitchen Remodel Ideas

If you decide that you want to remodel your kitchen, you will discover that the array of kitchen remodel ideas is so vast that it is somewhat bewildering. However, don’t let that discourage you from beginning your project, because it will turn out successfully if you focus your attention on the following three essential elements.
kitchen remodel1. If at all possible, your kitchen should have free, wide spaces. This may seem hard to accomplish if the area you are working with is very limited, but you can still create a spacious effect if you arrange things carefully. For example, you could use corners for your appliances, replace tables and chairs with stools and counters, and install overhead storage units. Also, if your budget permits, you can conserve floor space by choosing an L-shaped or galley-type kitchen.

2. Good lighting is also essential, and you should give top priority to clear lighting that is directly overhead, (known as task lighting) to ensure that food preparation will be both safe and hygienic. Once that is done, you might also want to install some decorative lights that will help in creating the right atmosphere during family meals. In your particular situation, improving the lighting may be the most important step you take compared to other kitchen remodel ideas. With this in mind, you can add a remodeling touch by installing a new window to create a different effect in your kitchen during the day.

3. You will find that you can be especially creative in regard to choosing a design for your kitchen because virtually anything is acceptable today. This means that you can have one that fits in with the overall theme of your home or opt for one that contrasts with it, because the choice is really up to you. In any case, try to use colors that are inviting relaxing and light since dark hues are only suitable if you plan on giving your kitchen an elegant look.

Modern kitchen design

As you consider various kitchen remodel ideas, remember that space is especially important because many homeowners feel that they are tired of living in a cluttered kitchen. A simple design will create a spacious effect, and your kitchen cabinets should occupy no more than 75% of the room’s visual space.

As a rule, today’s cabinets are flat, smooth, straight and sleek, and the design is not intricate. To display your designer kitchen items, you can include lighting if you choose glass cabinets. The colors are either very dark, such as bold black or grey, or quite light, such as a pale oak shade.

Many contemporary kitchens have replaced traditional linoleum with beautiful wooden floors in a neutral shade with a matte finish, matched with tables and chairs that have unique shapes. Above all, balance and creativity are essential here.

It is best to choose materials for your kitchen that are inexpensive and readily available, such as vinyl flooring and laminate counter tops, both of which are good kitchen remodel ideas. To stay within your budget, remember that changing a fixture’s color or finish, rather than replacing it, can also be part of your kitchen design.

Where Form Meets Function – Kitchen Island Designs

Kitchen island designs are an important part of defining how you will use your kitchen space. The kitchen not only serves as a place to prepare and serve foods, but it also serves as an important meeting place for friends and family. Your choice of island design will determine just how inviting and functional your kitchen can be for your family and guests.

Kitchen islands can add needed and valuable work space to your kitchen. There a several kitchen island design styles that can serve different functions. Their designs can be versatile and include wash areas, cutting areas, additional cook tops, special refrigerated drawers, warming drawers and other special cabinetry. They can also be designed in different shapes and lengths making it easier to find a style that suits the layout of your kitchen.

kitchen islandSimple Island Designs

A kitchen island can be as simple as a re-purposed rustic table or a or storage cart with a large work surface on top. These types of islands can create contrast in your kitchen and become a focal point because of their rustic design. Not to mention, a simple table or storage island will add more function and style to your kitchen while leaving your pocketbook intact.

Island Designs for Open Kitchens

Open kitchens are often the central meeting and entertainment location within a home or apartment. This type of kitchen island designs can be used a a gathering point. It can also be designed to help direct the flow of people from one room to another. For example: an island may encourage the flow of traffic from the living room through the kitchen and out to a patio or other outdoor space.

L-shaped Islands

This style of kitchen island can offer you much needed, extra counter space. Because this shapes offers 2 sides, you can use one size for food preparation while having a separate side for dining and other uses. This design works well when the rest of your kitchen cabinetry and work areas are also L-shaped or limited to a single wall. By simply adding a few sitting stools to one or both sides, you’ll be adding more function to your kitchen and making your island an inviting place to sit and have good food and good conversation.

Over-sized Island Designs.
This type of island design offers the best of form and function. One side of the island can serve as a large food prep area. Add cabinets to this side to add more storage. The other side of the island can serve as a full eating area, Add a few chairs and your over sized kitchen island will become a meeting place to enjoy good food and good conversation. If your space allows, an over-sized kitchen island is an ideal design for having family style gatherings in the kitchen.

Kitchen island designs are important to both the aesthetics and functionality of your kitchen. Your design choice can give your kitchen more architectural style or give you the added function of more food preparation and storage areas. When your island can accommodate seating, it can even serve as an important meeting place for family and friends. This makes your island design choice one of the most important decisions you’ll make about your kitchen.

A Look At The Best Kitchen Island Ideas

Picking out a good look for a kitchen is often quite a difficult thing to do, and especially in the larger kitchens deciding what will be the centerpiece of the room will be an important decision to make, and especially when looking to get a new look for a kitchen without having to go through all the hassle of getting everything replaced, looking at kitchen island ideas that might revamp the room might be a very good solution to the problem.

Fixed Kitchen Islands

When most people think about the various types of islands which are available for use in the kitchen, it is the fixed islands that are generally considered first when looking at the various kitchen island ideas available.

The benefit of this type of kitchen island is that it is a permanent fixture within the home, and it means that it is going to be especially durable, and can be installed and used without having to consider whether it is going to be moved.

For example, a breakfast bar is a particularly popular type of kitchen island which adds to the functionality of the room, and prevents people from having to go to a more formal dining room for breakfast at a time of day when most people are usually very busy and getting ready for the day ahead. Fortunately however, the breakfast bar isn’t just for quick meals, but has a multitude of uses from helping those who enjoy cooking to socialize with friends or family while making a meal, to simply being a good place to prepare food.

There are also plenty of fixed kitchen islands which can actually act as a storage area too, so for those kitchens that are quite large, but has a lot of appliances around the walls, which is often the case in modern kitchens, one of the best kitchen island ideas is to actually utilize the center of the room as one of the kitchen storage areas.

Rolling Kitchen Islands

One of the very smart kitchen island ideas for people who are looking for flexibility from their kitchen is to have one of the clever rolling kitchen islands. These islands have wheels which lock in place when they are being used, but at the flick of a catch these wheels can be released, and they can be quickly and easily moved to another part of the kitchen, or even another room if needs be.

This type of kitchen island is perfect for those who are looking for the practicality of an island during the week, or for the majority of the time, but want the option to be able to move it for special occasions, or if there is a gathering and they would like to enjoy farmhouse dining where the cook and the guests are all in the same room where the wonderful cooking can be observed as much as the food will be enjoyed shortly afterward.

A rolling kitchen island is also one of the great kitchen island ideas for those who have children, and would like the flexibility of being able to open up a space in the kitchen for play, or for children to enjoy the messier things without having to worry about the carpets in the rest of the house.


Kitchen islands are such a smart idea, and a wonderful solution for many kitchen design problems which can arise in the modern home, where there are more appliances and space needed than would normally be found in the kitchen.

How To Get The Best Value From Ex Display Kitchens

When you are looking for a new kitchen, you may find that the price of what you want is a little more than you can afford. Because of this, you may want to consider buying one of the ex display kitchens that you may have seen at your local home improvement store. These ex display kitchens are fully functional but are often a little behind the times as far as what is new and trendy in the world of kitchen. Because it was used for display purposes, you can get the kitchen for a lower cost than it would be to buy your kitchen new.

If you are considering purchasing one of the ex display kitchens, you will need to find out what exactly is available. You will want to take into consideration the cost of any pieces you may want but aren’t included with the used kitchen before you make a final decision. You should probably take a look at several ex display kitchens, if they are available, to be able to pick the one you like the most.

You will need to measure the space you have in your current kitchen to make sure that the appliances in the display kitchen will fit correctly. Saving money is all well and good, but you need to be able to use the kitchen once you purchase it. So it is a good idea to have your measurements with you on a piece of paper, along with bringing a small tape measure to make sure that any part of a display kitchen will be able to fit into your kitchen space in your home.

When you decide to look into used kitchens, you will see that these kitchens aren’t the newest and best anymore. They will still do the job, but they are being sold because newer kitchen displays have taken their place. If you don’t care that much about having the newest and best, you can save quite a bit of money going with a former display kitchen. If you do care somewhat, you may have to look at several former kitchen displays before you can find one that suits your needs.

When you buy a display kitchen, you may find that it comes with items you may not think you need. You will really need to try and find a display kitchen that has what you need and not a whole lot of extra. This is especially true if the area you have for your kitchen is small. Also it can be a waste of money if you purchase items just because they are part of a discounted display unit and then never use those items.

Buying a kitchen can be an expensive proposition, but if you are able to buy an ex display kitchen you can save quite a lot of money. You will need to consider the fact that these kitchens will not be the newest and best that is on the market, but if you don’t care about that, you can save money. You will also need to make sure that you measure both your space in your home and the appliances in the ex display kitchen, to ensure that they will fit once you bring them home. As long as you don’t mind that it was used as a display, buying an used kitchen can save you money.

Creative Small Kitchen Designs

If the kitchen of your dreams turns out to be too small for your liking, there are steps that can be taken to offer more room, and to make the space seem larger. One may want to consider color combinations, mirrors, and even a small, mobile island piece. In some circumstances, it may be viable to streamline appliances as well.

Small kitchen designs might pose some issues with space, but it is not altogether impossible. Light is one facet that will allow the space to appear to be bigger than it is. Add some french doors to the entrance of the kitchen to allow light from other rooms to infiltrate the space. Some opt to remove the doors and make the doorway open air. If there are windows in the kitchen use light, airy curtains that allow more rather than less light to enter the room.

While kitchen colors are typically supposed to be darker in order to suppress hunger, the small kitchen design should use light or pastel colors. These lighter colors will make the available space feel roomier and more wide open. If one color cannot be decided upon, use a variety of colors in order to shake up the space.

Another option in small kitchen designs is to use reflective surfaces. Add some stainless steel, mirrors or glazing to the area. The refelctive surfaces will catch the light and make the space seem bigger. The more light that can be pulled into the smaller space, the more spacious that area will feel and appear.

If an area that is more like a restaurant kitchen is not what does it for you, one can try alternating reflective panels, or trim and baseboards in a reflective surface. Using a pastel color and then topping it or breaking up the space with a reflective surface that catches the light will also add to not only the charm of the kitchen, but also the feeling of having more room.

Small kitchen designs can leave one wanting more space for food preparation and countertops. In this instance one may opt for an island in the kitchen. This may sound impossible for the owner of a small kitchen, but many of these islands can be bought and designed to have wheels on them. This means that the island is not kitchen specific. One would be able to move the island to where it will work best for them, and this will also give the feeling of having more kitchen than is actually the case.

Another choice when redoing one’s small kitchen designs is the lighting. The overhead lights are good if one is looking to illuminate the entire space. Although, the harsher overhead flourescent lights can make the cabinetry and appliances seem to close in on the space. Try some the cabinet lighting or even recessed lighting that is mounted within the wall space. This lighting will enlarge the visual perception of the space.

When the lighting is under the cabinet it plays a twofold role. First it illuminates the space on the counters making food preparation easier. Secondly it downplays the size and location of the cabinets. This makes the cabinetry seem smaller and the overall space seem larger. With separate switches for undercabinet and recessed lighting, one can also use fewer lights and save money as well.

The best thing to remember with small kitchen designs is to be creative. Let the space be a reflection of your tastes and preferences. If using multiple colors or applications is what makes you happy, then do it. It is your space, so live in it well.

The Convenience of Undermount Kitchen Sinks

An undermount kitchen sink can give your kitchen that fabulous and stylish look. Aside from the beautiful features, an undermount kitchen sink also has plenty of benefits to offer as well. In contrast to ‘drop-in’ sinks, undermount kitchen sinks attaches to the bottom side of the counter, hiding the rim for a clean, elegant and contemporary appearance. Many people are now installing undermount kitchen sinks during the remodeling process or as a part of their new home building plan.

Undermount kitchen sinks are available in a variety of different materials such as stainless (polished or black finish), cast iron, fireclay, acrylic, copper and bronze, natural stone and enameled steel. Granite is also available and is a popular choice as it is scratch, stain resistant, and very easy to clean. With the many shapes and designs from which to choose, you can have whatever style you wish in your kitchen, suiting your own style and tastes. Consider as well that undermount sinks do not usually have holes for the fixtures, as the holes are cut into the counter top surface behind the sink. Thereby allowing you the benefit of choosing from a myriad of faucets available, with an endless array of finishes and features to complement the sink as well as your counter top.

The kitchen, being one of the most used rooms in a home, should be designed to ease the job of the person working within it. With the latest modern trends in kitchen styling being the installation of undermount kitchen sink designs, the ease of use is an important contributing factor. Installing an undermount kitchen sink aids the ease of use, as you will gain added counter space and can wipe counter debris directly into the sink with no rim to obstruct the path making clean up easier than that of standard rimmed sinks. Thus, requiring less cleaning in general, being level with the counter top, and preventing accumulation around the sink edges thereby preventing the growth of bacteria.

Installation of undermount kitchen sinks is different from that of drop in sinks. The use of a solid counter top material is essential. Stone, marble and granite are the recommended choices and the most popular. Composite or laminate counter tops are not recommended because the nature of their construction will inevitably allow moisture to seep between the laying of these counter top types and cause damage by way of warping and separation, thus, weakening the counter top and ruining the aesthetics.

The undermount kitchen sink is held in place by heavy-use hardware sink clips and sealed with caulking to keep moisture out of the joining area. A two-part epoxy is also available for this installation but should be allowed a sufficient amount of hardening time before the sink is used. Many have found this out the hard way. However, installed correctly, an undermount kitchen sink will give you years of maintenance free style and service.

If you have decided to enjoy the benefits of an undermount kitchen sink, choosing one that fits your needs and budget is easy. Being available in a wide range of models and shapes, single or double bowl, granite or any number of materials you may choose, all depends on your wants and needs, and how you want to style your kitchen. With all the variables and benefits offered by owning an undermount kitchen sink, many will never go back to a drop in style kitchen sink again.

Important Things To Consider When Looking To Install New Kitchen Cabinet Doors

kitchen cabinetsAre you looking for information on kitchen cabinet doors? Having a beautiful kitchen is a very important thing for many people. We eat in our kitchens, and have treasured memories with our families. Having a nice-looking kitchen can really help to pull the entire home together. Whether you decide to handle installation on your own, or have the kitchen cabinet doors installed, it can be a fun project for the whole family to do together.

Below I’m going to go over a few benefits as well as tips to consider when purchasing kitchen cabinet doors for your home.

1. DIY versus installation. The first thing to consider when purchasing kitchen cabinet doors is, are you going to install the doors on your own, or are you going to pay to have them installed? Both have pros and cons, you simply have to consider what you want to accomplish. If you are looking to get your hands a little dirty as well as save money, installing the doors on your own can be a lot of fun. However, if you do not know what you are doing, it is advisable to hire a professional.

2. Design. Getting the correct design on your kitchen cabinet doors can also be a lot of fun. There are many different colors as well as types of wood you can get your kitchen cabinet doors in. It really depends on what you want your kitchen to look like as well as what your budget is. Design can be picked out with the help of a design book or a professional interior designer.

3. Type of wood. Depending on the type of wood they you get for your kitchen cabinet doors, it will be either expensive or cheap. You can get oak, birch wood, or many other types of wood. These will have rich smells, and can help to make a very quality and amazing looking kitchen for you and your family to enjoy meals in together.

4. Price. The pricing on kitchen cabinet doors is generally pretty cheap. You can save a lot of money by purchasing wholesale or online. One of the best places to get kitchen cabinet doors is from a dealer on the Internet. You can often save a lot of money purchasing goods over the Internet for the simple reason that these online dealers have much less overhead, and therefore are able to pass on the savings to you.

These four tips should help you when picking which kitchen cabinet doors to go with. Having a nice kitchen is crucial to holy home together and giving it that good old homey feeling.

I hope you enjoyed this article on kitchen cabinet doors, and were able to find it useful and beneficial to you. Remember to shop around and to read user reviews before making a final purchasing decision. Make sure the company is reputable, and has many satisfied customers, this will ensure that you will be happy with your product. Good luck with your new kitchen cabinet doors.

Are Bespoke Kitchens A Good Idea For Your Home

While Bespoke Kitchens work well in rustic settings, their designs work just as well in kitchens that are more contemporary as well. With their kitchen designs becoming more and more popular, Bespoke Kitchens are a very fashionable choice for those looking for something unique yet traditional and contemporary. That is why a Bespoke kitchen will always make a big impression on your friends and family!

For the discriminating homeowner, the kitchen should be a place of easy grace, allowing an atmosphere of flexibility of design, making the kitchen not just a place to prepare family meals, but also making this experience an enjoyable and comfortable one. It is this idea that Bespoke Kitchens keeps in mind when designing their high quality products. For women especially, the kitchen is a prominent component of her home. In fact, when purchasing a new home, women always pay special attention to the kitchen and its layout, and her opinion of the kitchen alone can make or break the deal. It is in this area of expertise that Bespoke kitchens shine, with stylish designs and creative ideas. They allow you the creative freedom to apply your own tastes to your kitchens layout and design with unique handmade décor, offering a vast collection of materials, designs and innovative choices that is sure to please even the most discriminating homeowner.

Bespoke Kitchens and furniture are made from the best of solid woods, manufactured and handcrafted for long lasting quality and desirable effect. You can also choose from a long line of accessories, handles and knobs, kitchen doors, and lighting to complete the look and feel you desire most. Those who have Bespoke kitchen designs consider them an outstanding option and find them quite easy to work in as well as interact with family and friends alike.

You will not find the usual “off the rack” kitchen items at Bespoke. You can be as involved as you like with the design and layout process, specialized your kitchen as you choose, turning your dream into the kitchen you always wanted. Furthermore, a Bespoke kitchen will add greatly to the value of your home. Your kitchen can be constructed with any number of work surface materials, manufactured with extra drawers and doors in various sizes, with a full array of colors and wood textures. This is how a great kitchen can not only elevate the attractive nature of your home, but also cause its market value to rise substantially.

Desirable, handmade quality, fine detail, tailored and individual in design, Bespoke embodies all the hallmarks of excellence and quality. When it comes to kitchens, they are your “go-to” producer of handcrafted furniture offering originality and the utmost attention to detail that only the hands of talented designers and artisans can produce. No pressed woods or tacky laminates, like so many of the other major kitchen furniture manufacturers use. If you demand more than standard fashion, which lacks quality as well as character, there is no other choice.

For over 30 years now, Bespoke Kitchens has been providing the homeowner with the very best in kitchen products and furniture. If you are interested in a Bespoke kitchen design you can get a general idea of what this upgrade will cost by using the “No-obligation Design and Quotation Service” they provide. In addition, because of their proven excellent quality, Bespoke guarantees their fine products for 10 years!

The Unique Benefits Of Flat Pack Kitchens

Flat pack kitchens are your answer to kitchen renovations, offering you the quality, style and value you desire. These qualities, plus quick and easy setup is just some of the benefits you can expect when you decide to install these innovative design features into your kitchen. But what exactly is a flat pack kitchen, you ask? Below we will give you all the information you will need to have these benefits and more in your new kitchen.

What is a Flat Pack Kitchen?

A flat pack kitchen is the ultimate in “Do-It-Yourself” kitchen renovation. With these designs being easy to build, you can assemble the components yourself as each component is pre-cut and drilled allowing you to fit the pieces together easily with few tools. When you are done, your kitchen will have all the cabinetry, fittings, handles, drawers and runners, as well as worktops; in other words, literally everything you will need is supplied to assemble a fully functioning kitchen. A flat pack kitchen can also be designed to your specific needs and wants, giving you total creative freedom.Benefits You Get With a Flat Pack Kitchen

You will be amazed at the many benefits you will get with a flat pack kitchen. Flat pack kitchens are not limited in the sizes, shapes, or designs you may choose. In fact, flexibility and the low cost of installation are yet a few more of the many benefits you can expect. A flat pack kitchen is much cheaper than a conventional kitchen renovation simply for one reason; they are built and installed by you, not a contractor, thus saving you a lot of money while getting the features and design you most desire. Easy to assemble, all you will need is a screwdriver, hammer and an Allen wrench for assembly, making the process a “no-fuss” affair. All flat pack kitchens are supplied with detailed instructions, fittings and hardware, thereby adding even more to the overall cost-effectiveness of your renovation. All you need to supply is a few basic tools and the time spent for assembly.The Cost of Owning a Flat Pack Kitchen

Perhaps one of the best benefits of owning a flat pack kitchen is the cost effectiveness. You’ll remember that flexibility is one of the many benefits, and this becomes even more apparent when you consider the fact that you can choose to buy an entire new kitchen or purchase it a few components at a time, whichever you prefer. When renovating your kitchen, having the option to purchase a few components at a time can be a real advantage, especially if you are on a tight budget.The High-Quality of a Flat Pack Kitchen

Some may be somewhat skeptical of this type of construction method, or be put off simply by the name thinking that it is a cheap solution, thus lacking real quality. However, along with the extreme cost effectiveness, as well as all of the other valuable benefits, a flat pack kitchen is of considerable high quality. Flat pack kitchens use only top quality materials and your assembled kitchen will easily be equal in quality and style to that of a professionally renovated kitchen. If you are still in doubt, simply start with one component and see for yourself. The cost will be low, yet the quality will make you a believer.Flat pack kitchens are becoming ever more popular as more and more people discover the vast advantages of building or renovating their own kitchens using this method. The low costs involved as well as the freedom of design have allowed so many people to enjoy the kitchen they have always wanted, but thought was out of reach or cost prohibitive. Now, you can have the kitchen of your dreams.

How To Design Your Kitchen with Kitchen Design Software

Kitchen Design Software packages are to modernize your kitchen looks. The days are gone when people were dependent on others for planning and decorating their kitchens as there are various kitchen design software packages available in the market and that are going to help and aid you to design and plan your kitchen. But this is better for you to sit along with your family in a free environment and plan the kitchen as per your family member’s desire.

So it’s the time to build or renovate the vital part of your sweet home i.e. kitchen. The Kitchen is considered as an important and beautiful part of a home because it is the soul and heart. Generally, a family spends quality time with the family in the kitchen. As far as designing of the same is concerned, a person can plan about the preferences or must have visualized how the kitchen should look like. It will be much difficult if one sits with pencil and paper to design and imagine the look of the kitchen but this is not the case if the same person design and plan the kitchen as per his wish with the help of a Kitchen Design Software. With gooddesign software, one can get benefited in the following ways:

kitchen-design-software– Simple to use.

– Design as per the kitchen’s measurements.

– Accurately plan.

– Easy to select colors from various themes.

– 3D view of the design.

– Easy to visualize.

– Allows calculating the costs.

And there are many more benefits associated with it. The use of this kind of design software application is on high demand spree. There are many people and the companies who are in the business of home designing and decoration. They too prefer to use such kind of automated tools for the design and planning purposes. The main users of this kind of software are:

– The Kitchen Designer.

– The Interior Designer.

– The Kitchen Design Showroom.

– The Cabinet Dealer.

– The Remodeling Contractor.

A good number of professional designers are in regular use of the design software to showcase the best to their respective clients concepts and ideas that would help the clients to come up with decisions and more suggestions on how the kitchen will look like.

If you are planning to remodel your kitchen and wish to know that how it will look before you spend the money on some expensive renovate solutions, you can try some of the major kitchen designing tools available in the market. There is the design software packages which are easily available in the market with lower costs, the major software packages are:

1. Encore 3D Home Architect Design Suite by Encore Software

This software package is not only curtailed to the kitchen designing but can help you to design the other home requirements also. This 3D Home Architect allows you to pick kitchen lighting, counters, floors, appliances and others. Many users of this have reported that this software package from Encore is simple, at the best. The 3D and other tools in the software are easy to use and anyone with a good knowledge of basic system usage can easily handle the software, no need to call any expert designer for it.

Cost: $35-$70.

Advantages of Encore 3D Home Architect Design Suite:

– Easy to use.

– Incredibly not in detail or real.

Limitations of Encore 3D Home Architect Design Suite:

– Model kitchen designs are not too impressive.

– Mid-range stuff.

Click here to learn more or buy it now!

2. AutoCAD® Freestyle by Autodesk

It is the software which can be said that it bridges the gap between a professional and a customer for the kitchen designing purpose. The AutoCAD® Freestyle is a product of the CAD/CAM manufacturer Autodesk.

This Freestyle enables you to draw and plan any part of your house and not just limited to the kitchen only. Although, it has section for the kitchen designing samples too, you can start from the scratches also.

It is easy to use software and you do not need to call any decorator or architecture.

Cost: $79-$149

Advantages of AutoCAD® Freestyle:

– Professional-grade.

– Simple for home users.

– Inexpensive.

Limitations of AutoCAD® Freestyle:

– Limited to the creativeness with small pictures.

– More rigorous approach to designing.

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3. Google Sketchup by Google

Google SketchUp Design Software is a popular and powerful 3D modeling package to design anything even the kitchens. If you have imagined a look for your kitchen then you can create and design the same with the help of this software.

Cost: $495 (SketchUp Pro 6)

Advantages of Google Sketchup:

– Easy to learn.

– Easy to use.

– Offers good support for users.

– The Learning Center offers helpful tips.

Limitations of Google Sketchup:

– High learning curve.

Click here to learn more or buy it now!

So, now renovate your kitchen from the traditional one to modular with the help of the Kitchen Design Software.

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