Best Hair Dryers

A hair dryer is a very important part of your hair styling and hair care routine. You will use this tool nearly every single day and there are many important factors to consider before purchasing one. If you’re a hair stylist, there are even more things to be aware of because you will use this tool on almost every client.

5 Best Hair Dryers

Ranking Hair Dryer Name Hair Dryer Review
1 Babyliss Pro BABNT5548 2000 Watt Ionic Nano Titanium with Integrated Ion Generator Hair Dryer Complete Review is coming soon!
2 Remington AC2015 T|Studio Salon Collection Pearl Ceramic Hair Dryer Complete Review is coming soon!
3 Conair 1875 Watt Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Dryer Complete Review is coming soon!
4 Conair Pro Styler Ionic Conditioning Hair Dryer Complete Review is coming soon!
5 Revlon RV544PKF 1875W Tourmaline Ionic Ceramic Dryer Complete Review is coming soon!

We don’t want you to have a hair dryer that breaks your hair. We want to ensure that the dryer you rely on is one that is perfect. You might be aware there are so many hair dryers in the market and it becomes very confusing when it comes to choosing the right model to suit your needs. First you need to know the important tips you need to put into account when buying a dryer.

Factors to consider when buying a hair dryer

  1. Power level

You need a hair dryer with enough power to dry your hair properly. More high wattage means more power the hair dryer can provide.

  1. Available Features

When buying a dryer, consider a hair dryer that contains the features you prefer e.g. cord length, tourmaline or ceramic technology etc. Don’t get overwhelmed by the many features they may have. Chose only those that have what you require.

  1. Ease of Use and Maintenance

Most hair dryers are pretty easy to use and handle. You need a dryer that you would control speed and heat with ease.

You need to consider one that is also easy to carry around (if you move regularly) and clean; most hair dryers feature a retractable rear filter for easy cleaning.

  1. Heat Level

Don’t buy a hair dryer that you can’t control heat settings. You wouldn’t be able to withstand the heat. This may turn out to be a costly affair once you see real smoke billowing from your head.

  1. Size

While most dryers are ideally good in size, avoid those that are a bit big. They might be a problem during handling and carrying

  1. Length of the Cord

Some people consider the length of the cord as very important. If the location of the cord is far from where you prefer to use the dryer, a longer cord may be the best bet.

  1. Price

Finally, you need a hair dryer that suits your budget. You’ll definitely find hair dryers in different price ranges due to different features they may have. Dryers with basic features may be the cheapest but don’t get attracted by the low price, check on features fast and then settle on the best price rather than picking one cheap one only to end up regretting.

Have a look at some of the other top-rated hair dryers supported by many positive hair dryer reviews

Super Solano Hair Dryer

Super Solano Hair DryerEvery blow dryer brand has unique features that differentiate it from other brands. Solano products are readily known for the power, performance and durability. If you are looking for a blow dryer that will help you blow dry your hair faster and still last for decades to come, then I recommend the Super Solano hair dryer. It is trusted by salon professionals and by average users alike. Whether you just want to blow dry or you need a tool that can help you set and style your hair along with the ability to blow dry, the Super Solano hair dryer is not going to let you down.

The Super Solano hair dryer raises the bar for many blow dryers. It features cool innovative technologies. The tourmaline technology guarantees you more shine while the negative ion technology is sure to help keep moisture locked in your hair cuticles thereby resisting brittleness, dryness and static electricity in your hair which account for most of the problems your hair may be having at the moment. The far ceramic properties in the dryer generate far infra-red heat which reaches into core of the hair; drying your hair inside out. This way, you can be sure of perfect and desired results every time.

Like every other Solano hair dryer, the Super Solano hair dryer comes with turbo power AC motor that is built on the highest industry standards. When it comes to strength and efficiency, you can count on the motor. The Super Solano 3500 Lite comes with 1800 watt motor which uses ceramic ions, tourmaline and nano silver technology which guarantees clears out all the bacteria in your dryer as well as your hair. So do not only have a self cleaning device, you also have one that keeps your hair clean and free from infections.

This Super Solano hair dryer comes with 5 heat settings and 2 speed adjustment which guarantees an even distribution of heat through your hair. To further make sure your hair is safe, the dryer is equipped with lead free parts and it has low EMF emissions. It has a sturdy built made from heavy duty polycarbonate which makes it resistant to shocks that come from being dropped mistakenly. So you do not have to visit the salon every time you need a great looking hair. What you need is the right hair tool and that tool is the Super Solano hair dryer.

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Elchim Hair Dryer

Elchim Hair DryerThe Elchim hair dryer is a product born out of years of research and hard work. The Elchim hair styling tool Company first started making styling tools in the early 40’s and from then till today, their reputation stands when it comes to the best salon appliances. You will find one or two products you can choose from their range of hair styling tools whether you need it for home use or you need it for professional uses.

The Elchim hair dryer does not only look pretty, stylish and sleek on the outside, it houses some of the best features, innovations and technologies that you can expect in a hair dryer. Above all, it features the latest ionic technology which is guaranteed to knock out static electricity from your hair. You hair is probably frizzy, dull looking and tough to style right now and this is because of the tons of positively charged electrons moving around in your hair. With the ionic technology used in the Elchim hair dryer, you can be sure your hair will be freed from the frizz in no time.

The Elchim hair dryer, immediately it is powered, will emit super negatively charged ions which run through your hair. It will first help to lock moisture up in your hair cuticles, helping to reduce drying time as well as reduce hair damage. The negatively charged ion will also cancel out the positively charged ions causing frizz in your hair making your hair soft and shiny. You will be able to achieve the desired styling with this product with every use.

With a 1800 watt power motor and 7 heat and speed settings, you can be sure of nothing but the best. It comes lightweight and will not make your hand get weak while in use. One of the very best of the Elchim Company is the Elchim 2001. It has received so much of rave reviews ever since its release. The Uragano is also one of the best, having won the “Best of Beauty” Award from Allure for two years in a row. It comes with 2, nicely tapered nozzles which makes it cute for pin-point styling. It also comes with a 10-foot power cord which makes for flexibility during use.

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If you love the cool burst, you probably should check out the 5000 Da Vinci hair dryer from Elchim. This Elchim hair dryer comes with a 2000 watt power motor. It comes with ergonomic handles which makes it still easy to use even though it is a little bit heavy. It also features anti-slip and soft touch switches.

Whatever your needs are, you can be sure there is an Elchim dryer that will perfectly meet your needs. You can check online stores such as Amazon to compare prices and find the best deals.

Parlux Hair Dryer

Parlux Hair DryerDo you want a professional result at home with a dryer without visiting a professional salon? The Parlux hair dryer is designed for those who want to look like they have just stepped out of the a top-class salon with every use. Quality hair dryers can really be very hard to find in the market today. This is not a problem of brand names because there are probably hundreds of them; it is rather a problem of quality, functionality, efficiency and of course afford-ability.

The Parlux hair dryer has been packaged with your hair in mind; this is why it is rare to find someone who has used this product and was disappointed. With the Parlux hair dryer, it will be very easy for you to mimic and get salon results at home. It is manufactured in Italy by a company that has years of experience. The product features a K Lamination motor which is a patent technology used to create a terrific hair product at home.

It comes with ergonomic handles and very, very sleek designs. Apart from the fact that you will fall in love with a Parlux hair dryer at first sight, you are not going to be disappointed eventually when you switch it on and use it to blow dry your hair. It is small and lightweight and demonstrates a very remarkable power. It comes with the ability to deliver up to 69 Cubic centimeters of flowing air which flows freely from an unbreakable nozzle.

The overall outlook of the hair dryer is sturdy, extra tough and rugged and of course, it is able to withstand the most rigorous form of use. This device probably would pass for more than a drying tool because it also does very well with styling and setting of the hair. So you might not really need an extra styling or setting tool when you have the Parlux hair dryer with you.

It comes with variable temperature settings which can be altered with the dials on the dryer’s body. With one of the dials, you can choose the temperature you desire while the other dial is for altering the speed at which the air stream flows out of the unbreakable nozzle. It also features a cold shot button which makes styling a whole lot easier. The ceramic components in this product also help to deliver your hair from all that frizz and make your hair come out soft, sleek and shiny after each use.

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You can’t be wrong for going for the hair dryer from Parlux. You can easily purchase one for yourself online in stores such as Amazon at very affordable prices.

Solano Hair Dryer

solano hair dryerAre you wondering if the solano hair dryer is among the best hair styling products around? Well, the simple answer to that question is a big YES. Solano hair dryers are definitely among the best in the industry.

Some of the things that make this brand of blow dryer different from others are listed below :

All solano hair dryer comes with a bigger AC Motor. The thing is, the bigger the motor the quicker the drying time. If you are one of those who want a high heat and powerful air flow then you should consider buying a dryer that comes with a large AC motor. All Solano hair dryers come with an 1875 watt. This feature alone puts the product among the very best hair dryers out there in the market place.

However, power without control has been proved to be worthless but fortunately for users of Solano hair dryers the product doesn’t disappoint in this aspect as well. Most of solano hair dryers come with 5 temperature settings, two speed settings and a cool button. Virtually all of them are made with two different diffusers; fiberglass and metal.

Another plus is that all of their products are made in line with professional salon recommendations and once you have fully understood how to make use of the product, the outcome are always salon perfect.

I have been using the product for some time now and the only complaint I have and that I notice other users have is that the product is a little heavier than necessary. This can be a problem as a heavy dryer will only get you tired on time as you will be carrying the product in your hands for some time. However, to counter this problem, the company has just released the solano top power dryer. The good thing about this particular model of the solano hair dryer is that it is just 1.83 pounds heavy – obviously not the lightest product by solano but the “comfort handle” which comes with the product makes it easier to handle the dryer.

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Another lighter product been produced by the company is the solano ultralite turbo hair dryer which weighs just fourteen ounces which is about the same as another of solano’s product – the T3 evolution which weighs only 13.5 ounces and fitted with a 2000 AC motor.


The prices of all Solano Products range from $60-$120.

Where to buy

You can buy the product from several online stores but if you will follow my recommendation, you should buy the product from a popular store such as amazon. This is because Amazon is a big company that has access to unlimited funds which enables them to buy in bulk and at a discounted price from the manufacturers which makes it possible for them to also sell at discount to their customers.

Another reason why you should consider buying from Amazon is that they always come with a money back of between 15-60 days which means you can always get 100% refund of your money back if by chance you are not satisfied with the product after buying it.

There are so many models of hair dryers to choose from and it can be very hard to figure out which is the best hair dryer. Many people have made the mistake of judging how good or bad a hair dryer is based on brand name, price and the design of the hair dryer. My advise is that you shouldn’t base your judgment on brand name, price or design of the product. Below are some tips that will help you to pick the right dryer for yourself.

Negatively Charged Ions

Whenever you are in the market for a new hair dryer, there are always 2 words that you must keep in mind; negatively charged ions. The very best hair dryers are those that produces a lot of negative ions. Researches have show that negatively charged ions help break down water droplets into small mirco-droplets that can be easily absorbed into the hair shaft, which goes a long way in helping to wet hair and to close up and flatten the cuticle to make hair look more smooth, bright and silky.

Consider Your Hair Type

When looking for the best hair dryer, you need to consider your type of hair. Some people have the long type, others have the curly and short type and there are some others that have the long and full type. This is the main reason why you have to watch it whenever you are in the market for a new hair dryer.

You should also consider the amount of time you have to keep drying your hair after wash. There are so many dryers out there that will help you effectively reduce the time spent drying up your hair.

Also, if you are one of those who have gorgeous curly locks that you do not want to flatten, then what you need is a dryer that comes with a diffuser. And if you are one of those with straight strands, then you should buy a dryer that has a concentrator that will allow you to show off your beautiful mane.

Consider the Weight

The weight of the product should also be considered. You should remember that you will be bearing up the dryer in your hand for some time and a heavy dryer will make you get tired faster than necessary.

The Price

The price should also be considered when looking for the best hair dryer. Anything above $40-$300 at may just be too expensive. Why pay more when you can get good and functional hair dryers for a little amount of money.

Money Back Guarantee

I have never bought anything on the Internet without a money back guarantee and I will advise you and everyone reading this article never to go out there to buy anything without a money back guarantee. Having a money back guarantee helps you to safeguard your money if the product ends up being what you do not want or like.

Where to buy The Best Hair Dryer

I recommend you buy from stores such as Amazon when looking for the best hair dryer. This is because amazon is a popular and big online store that has a lot of funds to buy in bulk. Their ability to buy in bulk from the manufactures makes it possible for them to beat down their prices which is good for you and I. Aside that, they always offer money back guarantees on virtually all their products which is also good for us.

Choosing the Best Hair Dryer – Golden Rules for the Smart Shopper

Buying a good quality hair dryer can be significant investment on your part. After all, you’ll be putting your money, time and effort into the selection and buying processes. However, the result is that you will get the best hair dryer, allowing you to enjoy a better hair drying and styling experience as well as enjoy healthier hair. If you’re in the market for a new dryer and want to get the best value for your money, here are some expert suggestions to make your shopping experience worthwhile.

Know the Difference between Cheap and Quality Hair Dryers

Most of the cheap hair dryers that you’ll find in your nearby supermarket make use of metal or plastic heating elements that burn off quickly with intense and unregulated heat. Due to this design, these hair dryers dry your hair by literally boiling the water out of them. This is one of the reasons why people who dry regularly with such machines have brittle and damaged hair that can break at the slightest pressure.

On the contrary, when you invest in the best hair dryer, such as one that uses ceramic heating, you will begin to see an instant change in your hair’s health. Because ceramic offers the exceptional properties of heat conduction, your hair will be dried in a gentler, safer and more effective way. Basically, because the ceramic used in these hair dryers produces infrared heat, the latter penetrates hair strands safely rather than just heating it from the outside in. This is why you will notice that most salon professionals use dryers, curling irons, and flat irons that are made of ceramic.

Learn a Little More about Ionic Drying

Another reason why cheap hair dryers that have metal or plastic components cause frizz and dull looking hair is because they diffuse positive ions into the cuticle covering. As a result, the normally neutral hair shafts open up. However, when you begin to use ionic hair dryers that produce negatively charged ions, you’ll notice that the frizz you’re used to is no more and that your hair has gained more body. The reason why these ionic hair dryers have this effect is because the negative charged ions cause the cuticle to remain flat and essentially trap the hair’s natural moisture and oil.

Not only do ionic hair dryers make your hair look shinier and smoother, but they also dry a lot faster than average and cheap dryers. How so, you ask? Simply because they don’t “cook” your precious hair strands like other hair dryers do. Instead, they break down the water molecules inside the strands. As a result, an ionic best hair dryer will also get rid of the static electricity that often results in you looking as if you had been hit by a lightning bolt.

Look for High Wattage Blow Dryers

A rule of thumb to follow while looking for the best hair dryers, especially ones that you’ll be using every day, is to always choose ones that are 1300 watts or even higher. When you are in a hurry to get to the office or that important meeting with clients, you won’t have the time to sit around drying your hair for long. Therefore, opting for a blow dryer with higher wattage will help you dry your hair much faster and easier.

On the other hand, if you don’t really care about how long it takes to dry your hair and don’t have the funds to buy an expensive high wattage dryer, you can always go for low wattage ones as well. These dryers are also a good buy for people on the move since finding the same wattage and power source in foreign destinations can be difficult.

Aim to Get Numerous Settings

Since you’re aiming to get the best of the bests, you need to make sure that the model you get offers you different dryer settings depending on the condition of your hair. For instance, if your hair is mostly damp but not wet, you’ll want to invest in a dryer that has lower heat settings. Moreover, if you like drying your hair in a certain way, you should buy a hair dryer that can help you pull it off within a shorter period of time and with less hassle.

You should research and purchase a hair dryer that has multiple settings for varying hair types. You must also look for cool shot options that are available on most good hair dryers. These create a blast of cool air which is highly beneficial when you have finished setting your style. These cooler settings can also be used to dry sprays or other products that you have put on your hair.

Go for Light Hair Dryers

If you are currently using a hair dryer that is too heavy and hard to handle, you need to start looking for alternate options immediately. If you indulge in a bit of research and ask professional saloon owners, they’ll tell you that they use very light and properly designed hair dryers because they are easier to handle for a longer period of time.

Even if you are just going to use the dryer when you are out of the shower, the light and best hair dryer will be a lot more comfortable to use. Hair dryers such as the ones made by Remingtonwill also make it easier for you to reach difficult places like behind your head and allow a wider spread of heat. Therefore, the hair dryer that you decide on shouldn’t be more than 1 lb. or 12-13 oz. as these are the perfect weights. You can always go for lighter models, but chances are that you’ll be compromising on a number of features.

Decide on Attachments and Diffusers

Even though the cheapest of dryers come with at least a few different attachments, the ones that boast high quality and performance will have diffusers that make your hair look more voluminous and create beautiful waves. The benefit of these specialized attachments is that they’ll not require you to do anything special with your hair; all you need to do is dry your hair with that particular diffuser.

Another good attachment that you should consider is the concentrator attachment. With it, air from the dryer will be directed into a targeted space. This feature will allow you to better control the dryer while you blow dry your hair straight using a brush.

Choose What Feels Right

Finally, now that you are aware of all the things that you need to look for in the best hair dryer for your hair, you must decide on a model that feels right to you. Remember: because your hair is one of the most precious attributes about you, you must make sure that you spend plenty of time researching and finding the most appropriate hair dryer. Don’t under any circumstance make a hasty decision when buying a hair dryer because you will not only regret losing your hard-earned money, but you’ll lament compromising the health of your precious tresses.

So don’t make a purchase on a whim. Follow these important rules and you’ll get excellent value as well as a dryer that you can use every day.