Best Freezerless Refrigerators

A freezerless refrigerator is similar to a regular refrigerator but it doesn’t come with a built in freezer attached to it, thus it can be smaller than a regular refrigerator or even bigger.

We have the mini fridge which also has a freezer but people who use mini fridges don’t actually use the freezer so they decided to make a more compact refrigerator: thus the freezerless refrigerator.

5 Best Freezerless Refrigerators

Ranking Freezerless Refrigerator Name Freezerless Refrigerator Review
1 Haier HC32SA42SW 3.2 Cubic Feet Refrigerator This product is quiet and works great! The only issue I had was that the unit I received was black, instead of white. But no complaining here. Just keep that in mind if you are looking for white. You might get a black version.
Packaged great! Easy to move the door to the other side. Fits everything that we had in our old mini fridge.
2 Danby DAR017A2BDD Compact All Refrigerator So far, I am very pleased with this freezerless refrigerator. I think the company listened to some of the complaints and concerns of previous buyers and made some improvements to this model. For instance, our unit does have leveling feet in the front. The owner’s manual does explain how to turn on the light so it stays on with the door closed. (Unfortunately, the light bulb is still incandescent, not LED. That would be a nice improvement but would probably add to the price.)
3 SPT RF-244SS Compact Refrigerator This is a very quiet refrigerator. The only thing you’ll hear is a distinct pop whenever the compressor turns on. The compressor itself is so quiet that you’ll only hear it if you try and listen for it after you hear the pop. I don’t know if that pop is normal but it happens all the time.
4 SPT RF-164SS Refrigerator with Energy Star Great little fridge for the price. It arrived well packaged and was ready to plug and go. It’s perfect for my office. I love it’s compact size that holds a lot inside. I also like that it’s not a giant eyesore like some mini fridges. Happy with my purchase.
5 SPT RF-444SS Compact Refrigerator Need a back up freezerless fridge for drinks and other small items? This is really perfect. Surprisingly spacious, quiet and looks quite nice.

It might be a bit strange, but you see yourself now wanting a Freezerless Refrigerator. It’s not really a good feeling to have landed your feet on several stores that could not offer you a refrigerator model that has no freezer in it. However, we are here to help you find your way out of the dark tunnel. We make things easy for you, as we present you here a review of refrigerators that match exactly with what you have been looking for, a Freezerless Refrigerator.

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Needs Vary from Person to Person

Your decision in buying any home appliance always takes into account the needs of your family. This holds true with your plan to purchase a Freezerless Refrigerator. It might be the purpose of some people to purchase a refrigerator to enjoy the benefit of an extra storage space. Others may be more particular about a certain design element that provides them a unit that carries a full width. It might also be your reason to buy a freezerless refrigerator to use it commercially. Whatever your purpose is, there is definitely a model under the sun that meets your needs.

As we made a number of reviews for freezerless refrigerators, we come to realize that there are features and aspects that you will like to consider in purchasing this type of refrigerator.

1. CAPACITY– Compared to a regular refrigerator freezer, these refrigerators have a bigger capacity. In order for you to come up with the right choice, consider your needs when it comes to depth and width.

2. STYLE– If it is your purpose to purchase a freezerless refrigerator for some commercial applications, style may not be an issue for you in your selection. However, if you are purchasing a unit for your home, taking account what you like and you don’t like is important. Finishes for majority of these units are made of titanium or stainless steel. This makes them a perfect blend to any kitchen decoration.

3. EFFICIENCY– You can expect that there are models of freezerless refrigerators that are not very efficient. This is because these refrigerators have big doors that make the cold air easily released when opened. Since there is nothing you can do about this, consider buying an Energy Star Certified model. Make sure also that the model is well covered so it won’t take as much energy when you use it.

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Some people need extra storage space to store their goods inside the fridge so a freezerless refrigerator is perfect for them. There are individuals who don’t actually use freezers, having a freezerless refrigerator can be convenient and also can save to a few bucks because freezers actually take up more electricity than freezerless refrigerators.

There are a number of benefits you can get from owning a freezerless fridge, it doesn’t just save you energy, it can also save you space as well. If you’re just looking to store up beverages to keep them cool, this is what you are exactly looking for.

It also takes up a smaller space than the usual refrigerator and freezer combo so you can just mount it on your wall for a seamless compartment. It’s more efficient to actually use the freezerless refrigerator than the standard fridge because it doesn’t have to reach the freezing point so it won’t take up so much energy and you won’t have to let the ice melt before cleaning it, you can just clean it directly. It also gives you greater space than the regular one; let’s face it the freezer inside the unit actually takes up a lot of space.

They are different types of freezerless refrigerators, there are ones who are built for outdoor use and also one who can hold only beverages. There are also freezerless fridges that have a built in ice makers, perfect for bar owners or for rest houses. They are also available in range of sizes.
There are ones built for smaller spaces and compact ones and there are ones who are in full size just like the standard refrigerator, but it gives you more storage space than the regular ones.

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You can also get specialized models for your convenience and for a number of uses; you can choose ones for your specific needs. There are freezerless refrigerators that are perfect for business and there are also ones made specifically for home use. The chest freezerless fridge is one of the most popular energy efficient type refrigerators.

Scientifically, cold air tends to stay at the bottom, so it doesn’t pass when you open the top part which happens when you open a door of an upright refrigerator. The stored goods on the refrigerators are stored at a constant temperature as the cool air could not escape from the space.

But before purchasing any freezerless refrigerators you should do market research and find out the perfect model for you. There are a lot of models and manufacturers out there for you to choose from.

The Freezerless Refrigerator units are available in a different styles, namely, Freezerless Chest Refrigerators, Freezerless Compact Refrigerators, Freezerless Full Size Refrigerators and Freezerless Drawer Refrigerators.

The Freezerless Chest Refrigerators are chest shaped, frost free units. They are generally equipped with an electronic thermostat control with fan forced cooling. These units are available as small, 5.5 cu.ft. units to large, 23.5 cu. ft. units. They have a top lid for accessing its contents and so, they loose less cold air when opened thus, providing effective cooling.

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The Freezerless Compact Refrigerators are compact, front door units that are small enough to be placed on table tops. These units are as small as 1.7 cu. ft. capacity. The larger ones like those of 5.5 cu. ft. capacity are good for under counter use.

The Freezerless Full Size Refrigerators, on the other hand, are large, free-standing units. Ranging from 9.6 cu.ft. capacity to those more than 10 cu. ft., these are suitable for both household and high storage commercial use. These are available as single door as well as double door units and provide huge storage space. However, one drawback of these units is that frequent opening of its doors causes a lot of cold air to move out. An effective solution to this problem is buying Energy Star Certified models.

The fourth type are the Freezerless Drawer Refrigerators. Featuring a fan cooled compressor, adjustable thermostat and pull out drawer cabinets, these are perfect for freestanding as well as under counter use. Available in two drawers and three drawers capacity, these units provide easy storage of goods. Unlike door refrigerators, one does not have to move the food items in front in order to locate those lined at the back.

Here are some essential features to consider before buying a freezerless unit. Take into account your storage needs before choosing a suitable model, the capacity of these type of refrigerators is larger than those of standard units. It is always good to purchase energy efficient, Energy Star Certified units. These refrigerators are available in stainless steel and titanium finishes, choose one that suits your room décor. Click here to see all Freezerless Refrigerators