Best Freezer-On-Bottom Refrigerators

The refrigerator is one of the appliances at home with great importance. It serves as the storage of food so that it will not spoil immediately. The freezer serves as the storage of meat and other types of food which needs to be kept at very low temperatures. On the other hand, you also need to keep your fresh fruits and vegetables so that you can have them raw, edible and fresh anytime you need them at home.

5 Best Freezer-On-Bottom Refrigerators

Ranking Freezer-On-Bottom Refrigerator Name Freezer-On-Bottom Refrigerator Review
1 GE GFE28HSHSS 27.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator Complete Review is coming soon!
2 LG LBN10551PV 10.0 Cu. Ft. Platinum Silver Counter Depth Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Complete Review is coming soon!
3 Summit FFBF285SS 13.8 cu. ft. Counter-Depth Bottom-Freezer Refrigerator Stainless Steel Complete Review is coming soon!
4 GE ABE20EGHWS Artistry 20.3 Cu. Ft. White Bottom Freezer Refrigerator Complete Review is coming soon!
5 Bosch B26FT70SNS 800 26.0 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel French Door Refrigerator Complete Review is coming soon!

When it comes to styles in refrigerators, Freezer on Bottom Refrigerators are definitely very popular among consumers. They are available in different models according to brands. Some of the leading brands that offer this type of refrigerators include LG, Samsung and GE.

One of the most prominent features of Freezer on Bottom Refrigerators is the eye-level positioning of their Refrigerator Compartment. Obviously, this provides you convenience in accessing any food that you stored inside, without requiring you to bend over. They are designed to allow you to place any items you used frequently at a certain level that’s really comfortable for you. In a more practical sense, this design decreases the tendency of your refrigerated items to get spoiled, as you are inclined to utilize your items when they are visible to you every time you open the fridge.

Freezer on Bottom Refrigerators Are Vegetarians’ Best Friends

Since vegetarians are expected to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables, there’s no other perfect refrigerator for them than freezer on bottom refrigerators. At eye level, they can stock in their veggies instead of storing them in a drawer at the bottom of the fridge. What’s likely to happen with your vegetables when stocked in a place that you can’t see directly is that you tend to forget that you put them there. So, you got them rotten instead of fresh. With Freezer on Bottom Refrigerators, this problem is not an issue, as you can always access your stored items easily.

Moreover, the freezer portions of these refrigerators usually come in pull out drawers, making it easier for you to organize your stuff inside. However, there are also models that come with swing out door for the freezer. In this case, the choice is yours. Decide which style you find more beneficial to you.

• Note: There are a lot of models with swing out door with hinges that are reversible, so check which door can work for you.

Efficiency and Capacity of Freezer on Bottom Refrigerators

Compared to Top Freezer Refrigerators, Freezer on Bottom Refrigerators are lesser in capacity. This is because of the space that the pull out drawer occupies. Freezer on Bottom Refrigerators are also available in higher prices than the top freezer models and less efficient too. This is due to the fact that you tend to open the whole of your freezer as you access the drawer. However, these models provide you a capacity that is wider than what Side by Side Refrigerators can.

Meanwhile, a standard model of a Freezer on Bottom Refrigerator is comparably cheaper than French Door Refrigerators. These refrigerators are featured with replacement water filter cartridges and built in ice and water dispensers similar to the features of side by sides.

Other Top-Rated Freezer-On-Bottom Refrigerators

Samsung RFG237AARS Review

Samsung RFG237AARS is a Counter Depth French Door 23 cubic ft. refrigerator which has a sleek stainless steel front and grey sides, and a well thought out interior design. The dual doors (French Doors) can be opened individually when you know what side your items are on.

It offers plenty of storage capacity. With the refrigerator area spread out wide and less deep it’s less difficult to find out the items. You can get a whole sheet cake inside it with important space to spare. Thanksgiving, Christmas or Easter will be a breeze. The shelves are all adjustable to fit your current need, including the door ones.

Samsung RFG237AARS refrigerator provides two produce drawers with independently adjustable humidity controls and full width “pantry drawer” with separately adjustable temperature control which accommodates easily a deli tray or a pizza box. The main drawback of the deli drawer is that it cannot be opened until both doors are opened. The right door easily keeps two gallons of milk or juice, while the left door has an ice maker, both cubed and crushed, and cooled water dispenser, thus a lot of space is sacrificed.

The dimension of the ice maker is a little limited, but for regular family use it’s alright. Water has a good taste due to the filter, so now you do not need to keep bottled water anymore. The water dispenser is at an angle, so you can’t set a cup down, but it is designed like this for the filling of large bottles. The easy to use LED control panel for ice, water and temperature options also provides notification of water filter status.

The upper drawer in the freezer slides open when you fully extend the freezer door. The handle on the Freezer door pulls up instead of being stationary.

The RFG237AARS works efficiently, has a very bright interior light and offers lots of options and features to dial in your preferences. It’s quiet, energy efficient and keeps temperatures well. It is very easy to install and everything can be found easily. In order for the doors to operate properly, there must be 3 inches clearance on each side or Samsung RFG237AARS refrigerator must extend about 3-4 inches from the cabinetry.


  • Shows fingerprints smudges
  • The water filter takes up considerable room on the left door
  • Inconvenience of deli drawer
  • Ice Maker a little slow


  • Lots of flexibility with shelf arrangements
  • Dual shelf slidding system in freezer drawer
  • Large storage space for cabinet depth
  • Attractive Design
  • High quality LED lighting
  • Easy Access
  • Energy Efficient
  • Space For Tall Items
  • Quiet
  • Holds Temperature Well

Samsung RF266AEWP Review

Samsung RF266AEWP is a sturdy, 26 cu. ft, Energy Star (462 kWh/year), smartly designed refrigerator that has very accessible storage space. There is plenty of room in the top refrigerator and the bottom freezer areas and the compartments keep loads of food items. Due to the flexibility of shelves, this refrigerator permits storing tall items.

The simple white exterior design should fit most kitchens and the interior one makes everything visible and accessible. It has good setup of controls and description of functionality in the easy-to-follow user guide.

It runs quietly except for the occasional dropping from the icemaker in the freezer compartment. The bottom freezer and refrigerator on top design is truly convenient. All the food that is frequently used is at eye level for easy viewing and access. Forget about bending down to look on lower shelves and things getting lost in the back.

The freezer area is well designed, too. You have to lift the freezer handle to open the door, which means that this refrigerator is a little safer for young children who may try to get in since the bottom freezer is at their level. Another great feature, when opening the freezer, the top storage drawer gets brought out.

The internal filtered water and ice dispensers don’t eat up storage space and are very efficient. The water dispenser is inside the fridge and the ice maker is inside the freezer and has no options for crushed ice. As for all of these units, it is very important to pay close attention to instructions for starting ice production.

The internal LED lights of Samsung RF266AEWP shed bright light on everything and provide much better lighting than bulb style. The lighting is easy on the eyes when opening up for a late night snack or an early morning breakfast.

The deli drawer is too wide and both doors need to be open to access the deli center, thus it’s unconfortable to have to open both doors each time you wish to take something out.

The digital display reads the temperatures of the refrigerator and freezer and gives options for turning off the ice maker and also shows when the water filter has to be replaced. The door alarm will tell you when you left the doors opened for over 2 minutes.

In order to bring the Samsung RF266AEWP refrigerator down to the set temperature, you have to select the Power Cool and Power Freeze settings and they will cool down in about an hour, then you can turn the power settings off.

Samsung RFG297AARS Review

Samsung RFG297AARS refrigerator has 29 cu. ft. which is the largest storage capacity in French Door category. It is an Energy Star rated refrigerator that uses 550 kWh/yr. This particular model has lots of storage space due to the size and innovative drawers. The large number of shelves fold, slide, and may be extracted to accomodate smaller or taller products. There are two large produce and fruit drawers which may easily be set to various humidity levels. It is best to use one on lower humidity for fruits and the other on higher humidity for vegetables.

The interior design of RFG297AARS makes it convenient for you to throw a parties, as it effortlessly holds large cakes or party trays and large wine bottles. It provides a dispenser for crushed/cubed ice and cold water and any size pitcher can be filled. To be able to provide ice in a decent amount it is required to follow initial setup directions for ice-making. A con is that it takes a few days to get the ice maker set up for optimum production. After facing that procedure it provides lots of ice.

Having the fridge on top is very convenient because that is the most used part, thus you do not have to bend over to grab your daily food products. The shelving is efficient and flexible and the french doors hold a lot of bottles and condiments. The deli drawer on Samsung RFG297AARS refrigerator slides beneath the door shelves, therefore, you do not have to open the doors all the way to slide out this drawer. With this model, you can just open the doors 90 degrees and still get full access to it.

The freezer has plenty of room too. It is designed well with a top sliding drawer and a larger lower drawer. Both are partitioned into several areas. It’s simple to organize frozen food items dependent on what ought to be easily accessible.

Samsung RFG297AARS model is quiet and has good air and water filtration systems. Water tastes clean, clear, and fresh. The digital control panel is simple to figure out. It’s easy to set the exact temperature you desire on the refrigerator and freezer. Other great features are the door alarm which alerts you if a door didn’t close all the way and the LED lighting which is very easy on the eyes even in the middle of the night, but it manages to light every corner of the refrigerator.

Samsung RFG297AARS refrigerator’s beautiful stainless steel finish make it fit for any kitchen design, matching other appliances from your kitchen.

Storing of already cooked food in your refrigerator helps you to reheat those and not just throw them away in your waste basket.

When you are building your own home, purchasing your personal refrigerator is important. It is the equipment that will complete your kitchen and cooking needs. There are a lot of types of refrigerator in the market today. The purchase of a refrigerator depends on your needs. The type of refrigerator that you will buy must be based on the type and amount of food that you will store, the convenience that the features of the fridge will provide and also the quality of the equipment.

The refrigerator can be classified according to the location where the freezer is placed. One is the top freezer refrigerator where the freezer is located on the upper area as the name implies. This is convenient for people who notice that they have more things to store in the freezer than other parts of the equipment. The second one is the bottom freezer refrigerator. This kind of fridge has its own advantages and disadvantages that a buyer must know before purchasing one for home use.

There are a lot of benefits of bottom freezer refrigerators. First of all it is very convenient if you will use more of the other parts of the fridge than the freezer. All the things that you will need like milk or fruit will be within eye level. You do not have to bend all the time because it is the upper part of your refrigerator. They are also considered as more energy efficient with the other parts of the fridge to have varied temperatures for different kinds of food products.

However, the bottom drawer freezer refrigerator has also its down side. Because of its feature, it can cost a certain amount of money more than that of the top freezer one. Moreover, it can involve a lot of bending if you need to get something from the freezer.

It is your choice as to what type of refrigerator that you will purchase for your home needs. You must select wisely based on how often you will open and store food in the freezer, the convenience that you will get from the equipment and the cost that you have laid for it. There are a lot to choose from in the market with the different designs and features. Making sure that you have bought the right one is important since you will be the one who will benefit from it for your daily use.