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Electric fireplaces offer an excellent way to add the charm and style of a fireplace to a home with a minimal amount of effort.  Most of these devices can be added to a home without any structural modification and with little if any changes to electrical circuits.  If you are considering adding this type of fireplace to your home, electric fireplace reviews offer a great starting place.

Most people find that reviews of products help them to make an informed decision before they purchase an item.  While professional reviews may give some of the basic information about a product, user reviews are often the most helpful.  User reviews are generally written by persons that have actually purchased the device and are using it in their home.  In the reviews, consumers will be able to find information about the unit you are considering.  Some of the information could include the noise level, how realistic the fire appears the amount of heat provided and the quality of the construction.  Consultation of the reviews helps consumers to get the most for their money.
When reading consumer reviews, you should be aware that there are generally two types of people that will post on review boards:  those who are very satisfied with the product and those that have a problem.  In reading consumer reviews, you will do best if you take the time to read the entire review and not just look at a star rating.  In this manner, you will be able to see why a product received a low rating.  If the lower rating was given for a reason that is unimportant to you, this product could still be the best purchase for you.

Electric fireplace reviews can be used to determine the best electric fireplace for your home or apartment.  By consulting the reviews, you can avoid purchasing units that consistently have problems while narrowing the list of acceptable products for purchase.  Once you narrow the list to three or four acceptable electric fireplaces, you may want to spend time seeing these units in actual operation before making your final choice and purchase.

Electric Fireplace Back To The Basics

The Benefits of an electric fireplace are simple. There is no installation costs. When you purchase an electric fireplace you do not have to pay for  any construction to your home. Electric fireplaces do not look fake anymore because of many advances in technology. Electric fireplaces have the ability to make crackling noises, the logs glow and you can control the flame of the fire with a remote control. Electric fireplaces are more cost efficient than people think, they run for under 50 cents a day. If you have an existing fireplace but it can no longer be used because of state emission requirements an electric fireplace insert can be purchase for under 200 with minimal instillation.

Adding a fireplace to your home is just what the doctor ordered. With everyone tuned into technology and tuned out of the real world families desperately need a place to sit around and talk. I love the cyber world of video games and just about anything online but not at the expense of my family.  Adding something primitive to your home will bring your family back to the basics.

People since the beginning of time used fire as a source of heat, protection and to prepare meals. There is an animal instinct associated with fire that naturally draws people together. With all the latest gadgets and modern technologies family time has become less and less social. Enjoying a television show together is social and bonding but it does not allow family members to open up and explore each other’s feelings and emotions.

Technology overpowers conversation and bonding time. This is because it is internal. The experience of each individual does not rely on another person to be there. Making the experience, even if it was spent together, not as strong. Communicating directly with another person has become absent as our worlds become more hectic and are hobbies become more cyber land oriented. Adding something primal to your home will draw people together. There is something primitive about fire that people cannot resist. It is warm, beautiful, and relaxing.

Fire is a source of entertainment that does not overpower conversation. Television and video games can be interactive but they dictate the conversation. There are no personal thoughts that aren’t led or strongly influenced by the screen. An electric fireplace does not dictate a conversation. It merely offers a place for people to sit around and have a discussion.

Different Types Of Corner Fireplaces

corner electric mantlesA fireplace adds to the overall beauty and functionality of a room. It comes in various models and styles and can be chosen according to your home decor. If you wish to have a natural setting you can incorporate a wooden fireplace inside. For a cleaner and tidier look and feel you may also consider using one of the gas or electric fireplaces. If you are worried about space constraints, you can simply use one of the corner fireplaces which are real space savers. A corner fireplace can be easily installed in one of the corners of your room.

Corner fireplaces do not have flat back walls. So it can be quite difficult to decorate them. However, you can easily use the top space for decorating. If you want to make the fireplace the focus point of your room you can decorate it in various ways. There are different types of fireplaces which can be used in the corners. Given below are some of the popular styles.

Metal and glass fireplaces: Fireplaces made of metal are fashionable especially, when they have glass panels incorporated. Such kinds of fireplaces are suitable for most kinds of homes which have modern designs. Their neutral appeal blends easily with all the settings of the rooms. They come in various sizes also. With regard to design a little customization is possible.

Peninsular fireplaces: If you want to have truly aesthetic design for your fireplace you can have a peninsular fireplace. It is visually engaging and functional too. The fireplace has three sides which can be made of different materials like textured glass etc. Such fireplaces protrude a bit when compared to the other types.

Bay corner fireplaces: They are quite similar to the peninsular types but have different attributes. Such fireplaces are meant for homes which need it to blend well with the other decorations used in the home. They may have non-uniform sides with two of the three sides longer than the third etc. However, they can be easily installed in any room including the living rooms and the master bedrooms.
Beehive fireplaces: They are also known as Kiva fireplaces. As one of the most conventional types of fireplaces such fireplaces are an extension of the walls. There is no need for an installation procedure. This type of fireplace is rare these days. People who prefer simple additions to their home decor prefer to use this type of fireplace. Recent additions include pre-fabricated fireplaces, masonry materials and use of lightweight materials which makes installation easy.

Contemporary mantel options: There are different types of mantles which can be used for the corner fireplaces. You can find simple designs and luxurious ones too. They are made of materials like wood, stone etc. You can also have an assembled look for creating an additional effect. So whatever is your home decor, you can have a special corner fireplace to suit it.

Fireplace Designs – What Style Matches To Your Home?

There is nothing more comfortable than relaxing in a living room with a stunning fireplace around. You can enjoy the warm atmosphere during the cold winter nights and spend enough time reading, chatting or simply laying down on one of the sofas. Fireplace is an important aspect of interior design. It adds to the beauty and is functional in nature.

You can find numerous kinds of fireplace designs to suit your home decor. Though you may have numerous choices there are two main types of fireplaces which can impart a natural look and feel to the atmosphere. One type is the wooden fireplace and the second type is fueled by gas. Both these types have their own advantages and disadvantages.

If you are going to use the wooden fireplace your room will have the smell of burning wood and be a little smoky too. However, if you enjoy such an atmosphere you can get one designed accordingly. Such fireplaces look very natural and add a special attraction to your living room. In case of the fireplace which uses gas there will no such smell of any kind. The area will look very neat and clean.

Another important aspect to consider is whether you want modern designs or traditional ones. This will solely rest on the type of decor of your home. Traditional fireplace designs suit any kind of interior design. But if you are looking forward to have a modern design you need to choose the style, colors and patterns according to the style in which your home is designed. Or else they may look out of place.

Apart from these real fireplaces you can also have electric fireplaces which look good and attract the attention of the guests. They come in various models and styles and can be chosen according to your personal taste and budget. If you are planning to remodel or renovate your existing fireplace you may have to consider several factors to make it truly worth the effort and money you spend.

A fireplace has several parts like the hearth, opening and the firebox etc which greatly influence the overall look. The most important part is the hearth. There are numerous styles of hearth designs to choose from. They can also be positioned in different ways. They can either be on the floor, sunk below, suspended above the floor etc. The next thing to consider is the opening.

Common fireplaces have rectangular openings. For a change, you can look out for other shapes or even get one custom designed according to your choice. For more ideas on fireplace designs you can browse the internet and gather a lot of information. You will be able to come across various styles and designs, materials they are made of, cost etc. All these will greatly help you to choose a special design for your living room.

Oak Electric Fireplace

oak-electric-fireplacesOak electric fireplace comes in various models and styles. It is made in different sizes and shapes as well. An oak fireplace is a welcome addition to any home and adds to the decor and comfort in a unique way by supplementing the heating requirements. There are so many designs and styles to choose from and it is very easy to find a style matching to any home decor.

There are various reasons as to why people choose the oak fireplace as a heating solution for their homes. Oak has a great natural texture that is very attractive. It is durable and strong as well. The natural grains make the wood really stand out. The striking look of the wood makes it a popular choice among homeowners. While buying a fireplace, remember to choose one according to the home decor. A good idea is to use contrast colors for the fireplace and the mantle. Use an aluminum or cast iron mantle instead of using wood. This could be long lasting and durable too.

The most important part of the fireplace which shows that it looks like original fireplace is the logs. Most of the logs used in these kinds of fireplaces look natural and are durable too. While burning they tend to crackle which makes the fireplace unique and give a natural feel. Logs burn like real firewood without producing any smoke or soot etc. There is a light in place that glows like fire to make the logs look like burning really.

The most advantageous factor of the electric fireplace is that it can be installed in any place. There is no need to have a chimney etc. Therefore, it is very useful for people living in apartments and other high-rise buildings to use this kind of fireplace. The oak electric fireplace can suit any home decor and supplement the heating requirements. It can suit both traditional and contemporary home interiors. Some of these can also be portable and can be shifted to different positions according to the convenience. Unlike other fireplaces, it imparts a natural look and feel with more realistic designs and features.

The Beauty of Fireplace Mantels

Fireplace mantels have been around for as long as fireplaces have and their basic design has not changed much in the last one hundred years. What has changed is the different designs, availability and prices for which they can be purchased. There are several different types of mantles that you can choose from and their prices can range from a couple of hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.

If money is an issue and you are on a budget there are affordable mantles from which you can choose. Some of the most inexpensive fireplace mantels are made from wood, however that does not mean that they are not stylish and eye appealing. Mantles that are made from wood do not have to be plain looking and boring because they now come in many different colors and many different types of woods. Fireplace mantels made from wood can usually be found in intricately sculpted designs that are fashionable and stylish and will blend into just about any interior home to decor.

However if you are in the market for something that is a bit more upscale and elegant while also being more expensive than you may want to look into a stone or marble fireplace mantel. These mantles are designed to be durable and long lasting but will still give you that unique designer interior look that you are longing for. Marble and stone mantles will probably begin in a price range of $500 for a basic one and skyrocket to as much a several thousand dollars. The reason for the high cost is the amount of craftsmanship involved in designing the many intricacies found in these types of mantles. In addition these mantles are usually required to be installed by professional due to their delicacy and heavy weight.

Another common material used is the metal fireplace mantel. You can find these designs of mantels use extensively throughout Europe and they are designed to be small, convenient and have a maximum heat output. You can still find these metal mantels in the United States at farm auctions as they were used in many buildings during the farming era. Metal fireplace mantels are becoming more popular and many interior decorators are now incorporating them into their modern home designs.

It is important to know when shopping for metal mantels that they are not designed to fit traditional mantel designs. Their designs are usually made to fit a certain style and may not blend in with every home decor. It is essential that you check the measurements of your fireplace and the surrounding accessories to be sure that your metal mantle will fit in physically and aesthetically with the other items in your home.

When it comes to the price of metal mantles you can expect to shell out a sizable amount of money. Many of them are antiques and can be very expensive however some of the newer designs can be purchased for as little as $300 – $600. If you are looking for an old world rustic look then a metal mantel fireplace is the perfect choice. Metal mantles provide you with an old world charm that makes your home cozy and comfortable throughout the year.

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