Cuisinart EM-100 Espresso Machine Review

When you discover what the Cuisinart EM-100 1000-Watt 15-Bar Espresso Maker  reminds us that you don’t have to spend thousands of dollars on a well-built, quality espresso machine.

The Cuisinart looks sharp and will surely look lovely in your kitchen. It’s easy to use while still allowing you the freedom to make your own espresso and experiment with various beans and quantities. When you want to be assured that the coffee will come out great, stick in an ESE pod that will leave you with the perfect cup of espresso. The Cuisinart also has plenty of features such as a steam nozzle, frothing wand and cup-warming plate.

With 15-bars of pressure and 1000-watts of power, you can expect this machine to give you full-flavored beverages just like the coffeehouses.

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