The Best Wedding Vows Of 2015

bride-groomWedding vows are the promises that bride and groom make to each other while exchanging the wedding rings are humorous, they are serious in purpose.

Though funny wedding vows sounds entertaining, they have a deep meaning of faithfulness and eternal love. Wedding ceremony is the beginning of a new life for both the bride and the groom. And through funny wedding vows, the couple starts their new life with smile and joy.

Taking the permission of the officiant for funny wedding vows is important. Officiant should agree with the witty and humorous vows.

Examples of Funny Wedding Vows-

Example 1-
Groom- I john, promise you Sandy to love as much as the Beatles. I will love you through your bad or good health. I promise you that I will try to eat what you will cook. I will try whole heartedly to bear your parents in my house.

Bride- I, Sandy, promise to love you forever from this moment. I will love you even when you sing so irritatingly. I promise you that I will try to make up with your mother.

Example 2-
Groom- I John, promise to love you and cherish you, will try to never forget the birthdays and anniversaries unless football tournament is going on. Bride- I, Sandy, promise to love and cherish you, and will always try to provide you with fresh snacks and food until your credit card is with me.

Example 3-
Groom- I, John, take you, Sandy, as my wedded wife to have and to scold for better but not worse, for richer but not for poorer purpose. I will cherish you to my death.

Bride- I, Sandy, take you, John, as my husband, in accordance with the holy Bible. I promise to be an honest, faithful and obedient wife depending upon my mood.

Example 4-
Groom- I, John, take you Sandy, to be my wife, on the football stadium, at the theater, with friends as long as I live.

Bride- I, sandy, take you, John, as my husband in the shopping mall, kitty party as long as you pay my all bills.

You can pen down your funny as well as romantic experiences as wedding vows. But take care that they don’t become personal so that only you and your partner will get the meaning. Every attendant should able to get what you mean.

You can have the humor with meaningful poems, passages and thoughts as wedding vows. Tone of the voice also makes a difference. So make sure that wittiness should be reflected through your voice. Practice it, if possible before the wedding ceremony.

Tips for Choosing Funny Wedding Vows

  • Funny vows are usually preferred by couples who want their guests to smile and laugh without getting emotional; they want to keep the environment livelier and joyous. For this, you can choose the best sample funny vows from internet and personalize them as per your preferences and your relationship.
  • You can sit down with your partner and choose any incidents or situations which were extremely funny and also meaningful for your relationship. For example, you can include the first meeting or date during which your partner might have done something really funny like bring along her or his younger sister. But, you should choose your words carefully and use the proper tone as this might offend someone. Get it cleared from your partner first whether it is okay to talk about any particular incident in front of everyone.
  • You can also take a few lines from your favorite movies or comedy shows, this will receive a great response from your guests as such lines are hugely popular and everyone loves to hear them
  • If you do not want to depend on already written lines to make your guests laugh, you can write based on true life incidents. You can also take the help of your friends who would prove to be the best source for your funny vows. They might recall some incidents and lines which even you would have forgotten.
  • You can make your exchanging of vows to be a light-hearted and genuine display of love and commitment instead of making everyone including your partner cry

Funny wedding vows can break the emotional mood that usually prevails during the wedding ceremony and your wedding day would be remembered by one and all for the genuine humor and the feelings that your vows reflected.

Romantic Wedding Vows

Romantic vows are suitable to read as the wedding is about love and romance. Romantic vows are touching and mushy.

Most of the couples seek romantic vows. Songs, poems or your thoughts regarding the wedding, classic literary passages and articles having romantic meaning can be read as wedding vows.

Poems from William Blake, John Clare, Percy Shelly and John Keats are very romantic. You can choose them as vows.

Romantic Wedding Vows

Example 1-
I, (Name), affirm my love to you, Sandy, as I invite you to share my life. You are the most gorgeous, beautiful and smart human being I have ever met. And I promise you to love you and respect you for the whole life. With trust, and kindness I will always be with you through good and bad times. From this day forward, I take you to be my (wife/husband).

Example 2-
When I first saw you, I knew that you were very special. I knew you are the person I wanted to share whole of my life with. Your heart and beauty have inspired my mind and well being. You have shown me the complete new path of seeing towards the life. For all these reasons, I promise you to love and respect you forever through health and sickness, richer and poorer.

Example 3-
I love you. You are my best friend. You are my best buddy. Today I give myself to you in marriage to be your husband/ wife. I promise to inspire and encourage you. I promise to respect and cherish you. I promise to be faithful and honest with you for whole of my life. You can always trust me. I will love you and respect you in times of sorrow and joy, health and sickness.

Tips for Choosing Romantic Wedding Vows

  • Romantic vows ideas can be got from internet and other sources like wedding magazines and journals etc. But the best way to make your vows romantic is to make them specific to your relationship which would reflect the uniqueness of your relationship. You can do this by personalizing your vows to include the one thing which you and your partner cherish in your relationship.
  • You can write your own vows which would be most romantic as you can tell your partner in simple and genuine words about your feelings and how lucky you are to have got him or her in your life. You need not be a poet to write your own vows but you just have to decide a starting point and write down your feelings in a natural flow using simple words. You can be romantic even without using poems and romantic quotes.
  • Romance is something that has different meaning to different people. So, just identify what it means to you and your partner and then start writing in simple but words straight from your heart. This is bound to make your vows more romantic which would be appreciated by everyone especially your partner.
  • One best way to delight your partner would be to ask him or her write the other side of the vows separately and you write your side separately. This would be fun as each of you would anticipate as to what the other has to say and would be pleasantly surprised when the other says the words for the first time. But, before doing this you both have to decide on the common beginning of the vows so that both the sides don’t sound disconnected.

Just spend a little time on research, you will get excellent ideas to make your vows romantic and beautiful which would be memorable forever.


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