Best Ways To Lose Weight

If you have found this web page then you are likely searching for the best ways to lose weight.

This is a simple, straightforward, with no nonsense, and if you follow the instructions in this FREE weight loss planyou will lose weight. 

First of all we need to understand more about how weight is gained and why we feel the need to achieve a particular target weight. Then we can begin to understand how to lose that excess weight.

Weight Loss Before and AfterIf we are overweight and fat, it just means that we have provided our body with more energy than it currently needs, this excess energy is then stored in the body ready to use should we need it. This is a completely natural and normal process, but if we never get the opportunity to use up this stored energy and it just sits there waiting for the time that it can be used. If we continue to add more energy than we need this storage area keeps on getting bigger. This excess energy is stored as fatand different people store fat in different places, most of us start with it on our belly and behinds, but as we keep adding more energy that is not needed it spreads to other parts of our bodies including, backs, necks, legs, arms etc.

This energy is added to our body in the food and drink that we consume and is usually measured in Calories. Weight control is simply about the balance between the amount of calories we consume and the amount that we use. If we consume more than we use it gets added to our body as fat, if we use more than we consume then our body makes use of these fat reserves and we lose weight and get thinner, and if we have an exact balance between calories we consume and calories we use then our bodies stay the same.

It sounds simple doesn’t it, the best way to lose weight is to use up more calories than you consume, however most of us appreciate that this is actually quite difficult to achieve. It is hard in todays modern world to burn up all those daily calories so we start to pile on the weight. If you think about it our bodies have gone through millions of years of evolution to get to where we are today, then in the last 50-100 years we have invented all sorts of time saving, labour saving devices that our body is just not designed to use. In the big picture of millions of years of evolution 50 years of industrial development is just the blink of an eye and our bodies were just never supposed to be so inactive. We sit at computers and tv screens, we order things online, we drive everywhere in our cars. It’s no surprise that many of us are overweight when you consider that our bodies are not designed to do this.

So What is the best way to lose weight – It is only too easy to say eat less and excercise more, we have all tried that, we are all full of good intentions but it is often too much like hard work so what can we do to make it easier, to make our body lose weight.

Calorie Balancing

If we want to get rid of this excess fat then we need to find a way to balance the calories that we take in, with the calories that our body requires. We call it ‘Calorie Balancing’ because we can either consume fewer calories or use up more of the calories we eat. When our calories are balanced our bodies will remain at a static steady weight, but do remember that if you are starting from an overweight position we don’t want our bodies to remain at this weight, so initially we need to use or burn more calories than we consume, until we reach our target weight and then balance out there. So how can we do this?

First of all you will have your starting point. This is where you are now. It is quite difficult to establish an improvement if you don’t know where you are starting from. So the first thing today is to decide on a start date and day of the week. It is probably better to start from the beginning of your chosen week, let’s say on Monday.

You now need to prepare 1 week in advance of the start date. If you are serious about losing weight this preparation week is essential. You need some sort of diary for this week. This is the control week. You are going to weigh yourself every day and record everything that you eat on each of the days, and I mean everything. Every last item that you eat on each day needs to be recorded. The reason for this is because we are going to reduce your calorie intake and unless you know where you are starting from, how can you possibly change anything.

When you have completed 1 week of weighing and recording you can start your first action week with a plan. If you fail to plan then you are planning to fail.

As you start the first week of becoming a new you, you can calculate and plan the areas that are going to reduce your calorie intake.

Calorie Reduction & Replacement

Healthy Weight Loss With Fruits and VegetablesYou should now be at day 1 of your weight loss program, you will have your diary for last week, and will be making a new diary for this week.

Because we are going to lose weight by Calorie Balancing we need to plan our calorie intake based on what you ate last week. If today is Monday then you need to look at what you ate last monday. If this is going to work you need to be fair to yourself and not attempt to cheat yourself.

The first thing to do is to write on today’s diary page ALL OF THE SAME THINGS that you ate last monday, all in the same exact order. Now we are going to modify this list for today. Once everything has been copied across to today, and not before. You need to go down your list and actually cross off the things that you don’t really need to eat. This is actually a great process, just crossing things off your list makes you feel good, it makes you feel like progress is being made and puts you in control of your eating and your life.

You should now have crossed off a couple of things, cross off things that are in between normal meal times, things that you know you really should not have. This is all about you taking control of your intake, because nobody can force you to do it, only you can succeed at this.

OK whatever items you have crossed off are now not to be eaten or drunk. You have to have will power and self control if this is going to work. Those crossed off items represent calories that you are not going to consume, just by not eating these items you are reducing your calorie inyake.

Now you need to bring your attention to the remaining items on the list. You need to look at each item that is left and make a decision to replace them with a low calorie version of the same thing. Whatever is left on your list will probably be available in a ‘light’ version. Don’t forget that drinking the wrong things is as bad as eating the wrong things, sometimes worse. If you are drinking large quantities of beer, soda and soft drinks you will not lose weight. Cut your drinking down and replace what you do drink with low calorie versions.

The final thing you need to do is to look at ‘portion control’. This means that whatever amount you would normally eat, reduce it. If possible put out the amount you would normally have, then make a conscious effort to put some back, half it if you can.

This is you taking control of your life and your body and managing your calorie intake on a day to day basis. Every day you need to manage what you eat and drink. Most of us know which are the bad things that we eat and drink. By managing your eating and drinking each day you can drastically reduce or even stop having these bad things and if you do that you will be on the way to getting that balance between energy intake and energy use more equal than it ever was before. You will start to see that weight disappearing and a new you appearing in front of your eyes.

It is easy to lose weight if you manage your eating and drinking. If you don’t manage it, you won’t lose weight, if you do manage it you will. It really is that simple.

You need to continue with this intake diary for every single day until you have reached your desired weight. However although managing your eating and drinking will set you on your way, you can do it quicker if you increase the amount of energy your body uses.

Burning More Calories

We have, so far, discussed the need to balance the energy we consume with the energy we use. We have also discussed that if we can reduce our calorie intake then we should start to lose weight.

The other side of the balance is that if we use up, or burn more calories than we normally do then we will lose weight so much quicker and keep it off for longer.

Woman with Loose Pants OnActivity burns calories and the more active you are, the more fat you will burn and the more weight you will lose. This means that you can lose weight quicker by attacking both sides of the balance at the same time. So reduce the calories you take in and at the same time increase your activity levels for the quickest weight loss.

However, increasing your activity level, is just as difficult as cutting down your calorie intake. Sometimes it just seems like to much hard work. Who wants to travel to the gym and have to work out in front of those toned and fit regulars? Not me that’s for sure, and if you are currently unfit and overweight you don’t want them to see you puff and pant and struggle with unfamiliar equipment.

So joining a gym might seem like the obvious solution but it is unlikely to work because it’s just a step too far, any motivation you have to begin with is likely to run out fairly soon.

So maybe you will take up running or jogging, but its likely to end the same way, you start with every intention of continuing but once you experience cold, wet, darkness, etc you might decide to take a break from it fairly soon.

What you really need is some form of exercise that you can do in the privacy and safety of your own home. Something that you can easily fit into your daily routine and continue with.

The best way to exercise at home is to buy a low cost piece of exercise equipment. I would strongly recommend that you beg, borrow or buy either an exercise bike, a cross trainer or a rowing machine. These can be bought online for probably less than the price of a gym membership.

They are easy to use and to set up, they can be stored away quite easily and they give you exactly the kind of exercise you need to speed up your weight loss as well as improving your general health.

Don’t panic at this stage, you are going to start your workout very gently. Position the equipment in front of your TV and simply exercise for 15 minutes, twice a day. By simply exercise I mean that you need to finish 15 minutes later feeling slightly out of breath and having worked up a sweat, this way you know that you are burning off that excess weight.

Do this once in the morning and once in the evening, just two 15 minute bursts of activity. Do more than 15 minutes if you can manage it.

Keep this 30 minutes of exercise up for 30 days, you won’t even notice it after the first week and after 4 weeks you will have lost weight. What’s more you won’t want to stop, this will become part of your daily routine. You might even have decide to have a room permanently set up with your exercise machine and your TV, If you are like me you will then add more pieces of gym equipment to vary your routine as you watch your body reshape itself.

The feeling you get as this happens is incredible, you will become proud of yourself and your body and you will feel so much better.

Improving your waist line has the knock on effect of changing your whole life, so go on, give it a chance and give yourself the opportunity of meeting the new healthy and fit you.

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