Best Vitamins For Memory

Never Forget Anything – 5 Easy Strategies and Top Vitamins for Memory Enhancement

Possible Causes of Memory Loss

Memory loss is a deficit in memory and can occur due to various reasons. They include brain damage, psychological trauma or the prolonged use of sedatives. Memory loss can either be partial or whole depending on the damage caused on the brain.

Another name for memory loss is amnesia. It can be the inability to recall recent events, events from the past or both combined. Types of amnesia include Transient global amnesia which is temporary complete loss of memory, anterograde amnesia which is the inability to remember recent past events but events from the distant past are not tampered with.

The final type of amnesia Retrograde amnesia is the inability to remember the events that happened before a trauma but recalling the events that happened after.

Vitamins for Memory Improvement

Bottle of Vitamin B-12

B Vitamins are known to help improve memory.

Research shows that vitamins can improve memory, however success in using these vitamins vary as different products work differently on people. For positive effects of using vitamins, one has to have a balanced lifestyle.

Below is a list of vitamins for memory loss that have had positive effects. They are available in food stores, nutrition shops and can also be found in online stores.

B Vitamins: There are Eight (8) vitamins in this group of B vitamins which are B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B12 and folic acid. B vitamins are obtained from green vegetables (leafy), diary products, beans and poultry meat.

Vitamin C: It is also known as ascorbic acid and is found in citrus fruits like lemons and oranges, strawberries and leafy vegetables.

Vitamin D: It is found in cereals, fish and diary products. Exposure to the sun also helps the body benefit from vitamin D

Vitamin E: It is found in foods like olives, corn and wheat. Vitamin E has shown to help patient of Alzheimer’ s disease and also may help in slowing down the onset for Alzheimer’s.

Omega 3 Fatty Acids: It is found in shrimp, soybeans and walnuts. It improves the overall function of the brain as well as memory.

It is important to take vitamins to improve your memory and your overall health. The best place to get your vitamins is from natural food but thats not always possible. So you can supplement your diet with vitamin supplements which can be readily found in your local supermarket, supplement store, or online.

Other Strategies to Improve Memory


Bottle of Vitamin C

Vitamin C is also known to help in keeping a good memory stable

Vitamins for memory loss are effective but there are several other techniques that can be used to improve memory. Meditation is one of them. Meditating consistently can improve cognitive functioning which includes memory.

Association is also a good technique to boost your memory. You create an image and associate it to what your trying to remember. For example if your trying to remember to pick up peanut butter on your nest shopping trip you can picture a huge peanut butter jar and a tree growing out of it.

The sillier you make the image the easier it is to remember. You can also use this technique to memorize your whole shopping list. Lets say your shopping list includes peanut butter, advocate, eggs, and milk. Image a huge peanut butter jar you plant a cartoon of eggs in it and water it with a gallon of milk (remember the sillier and funnier it is the more likely you are to remember it) out sprouts an advocado tree. Try it next time you go shopping.

Brain training games aim at improving cognitive skills like vision and attention. Brain training can be compared to exercising the body. Training consistently boosts memory and intellectual ability. You can find a lot of these games for free online.

Repetition is also a good technique. When you repeat something or do something over and over it will more likely stick in you head. Adequate sleep and rest helps in the retention of memories. Another important strategy is too listen carefully and repeat what you just heard or write it down.

Heres a Quick recap of the above methods too improve your memory.


  • B Vitamins:
  • Vitamin C
  • Vitamin D
  • Vitamin E
  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids

Other strategies to Improve Memory:

  • Meditating
  • Association
  • Brain Training Games
  • Repetition Repetition
  • Get Plenty of Sleep


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