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You have yourself a little situation. Maybe it’s an issue with folders and stacks of paper, or sticks of gum and gym clothes, regardless of what is the cause, the bottom line is that you have too much stuff to tote around with you and this problem can easily be fixed by purchasing yourself one of the Best Briefcases to match your needs. By “best briefcases” I don’t mean a fanny pack or a murse. I simply mean an attractive, versatile, and stylish briefcase or bag that allows you to carry your stuff with you while allowing you to maintain that personal sense of style that you’ve spent years cultivating.

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Best Briefcases

Let’s be honest here.  A lot of us can sometimes only feel like peons while we’re on the job. However, just because you may find yourself currently stuck in middle management—or perhaps even lower—that doesn’t have to mean you’re unable to feel like the big cheese.

Actually, it’s more simple than you may believe.

First Step:  Buy An Amazing Suit to Match Your Style

Second Step:  Get Yourself One Of The Best Briefcases Money Can Buy

Third Step:  Rule The World

Right now, we’re going to look at the best briefcases you can buy that just scream to the world: “I’m here and this is MY world!” . Now, when I say Best Briefcases, I am not speaking of those clunky box-type things your dad used to haul around. The 80s are long gone. What I’m speaking about are stylish, finely made works of art that just so happen to be capable of hauling your laptop, phone, keys, as well as a couple of other belongings. Granted, some of the briefcases on our list are pretty expensive? Of course they are, they are the best briefcases available after all. However, there are more that are more affordable, and even the most expensive ones are at least able to give you an idea of what to look for in the best briefcases.

Without Further Ado, here is a look at the Best Briefcases:

Marc Jacobs Men's Overnight Bag

Marc Jacobs Men’s Overnight Bag

1. Marc Jacobs Men’s Overnight Bag:

  • 100% Cow Leather
  • Imported
  • Dry Clean Only
  • Genuine leather
  • Brass closure

What Verified Purchasers Have To Say – I got this bag with purpose of school, work and casual wear. The bag size is 15′ wide and 11′ tall. It’s more like a briefcase/messenger bag than over night bag. It’s perfect size for me. The leather is amazing, soft and sturdy. The cons about this bag is it can be discolor easily. I recommend treating it with rain and stain spray. Dont use leather cleaner or conditioner. It will stain the beautiful leather. This bag will get better with age. I recommend this bag for anyone who want a versatle bag.

Cost: $1,895.99   

Tumi Astor, Regis Slim Zip Top Leather Briefcase

2. Tumi Astor, Regis Slim Zip Top Leather Briefcase

  • 100% Leather
  • Imported
  • Zipper closure
  • 18.5″ shoulder drop
  • 11.75″ high
  • 16″ wide
  • Front zip pocket, back zip pocket, double zip closure
  • Top carry handles, removable, adjustable shoulder strap. ID tag
  • Inside zip pocket, padded tablet pocket, phone pocket
  • Accessories pockets, open pocket
  • Pen loops and key ring

What Verified Purchasers Have To Say – The color is fantastic, the material is amazing, and the fit/ size is just perfect. This is what I have been looking for and I have gone to so many stores and looking for something I liked was a headache! I regret not looking here sooner. You will only worry about getting compliments and looking good plus getting the perfect size for everyday use. I have larrger ones for bigger events but this is perfect for my job/career everyday use. Others I found looked like I was heading to the airport. I do warn you that you will want all colors and sizes.

Cost: $695.00  

Maxwell Scott Luxury Pilot Case

Maxwell Scott Luxury Pilot Case

3. Maxwell Scott Luxury Pilot Case (The Varese)

  • Luxury ‘Maxwell Scott’ Signature Italian Leather
  • Barrel Lock closure
  • Robust, luxurious pilots case designed to carry everything! – Also comes with an Amazing Lifetime Guarantee!
  • Height = 34cm / 13.4 inch. Width = 45cm / 17.7 inch. Depth = 20cm / 7.9 inch. Weight = 3.27 kg.
  • Slots for cards, pens, PDA, and mobile. External side pocket. Two internal concertina sub compartments.
  • Twin Cagiva barrel locks with combination. Metal feet on bottom for protection. Slots for cards, pens, PDA, and mobile.
  • Available in Classic Chestnut Tan, Dark Chocolate Brown and Night Black.

What Verified Purchasers Have To Say – Purchased this bag last month. Must say that the service was excellent. Received bag in 2-3 days. Well wrapped and in excellent condition. Bag itself is exactly as advertised! Excellent quality both in materials and workmanship. Would highly recommend.

Cost: $796.00  

Tumi Alpha Deluxe Wheeled Briefcase with Laptop Case

Tumi Alpha Deluxe Wheeled Briefcase with Laptop Case

4. Tumi Alpha Deluxe Wheeled Briefcase with Laptop Case

  • External Dimensions H x W x D: 15.5″ x 17.5″ x 10″
  • Laptop Compartment Dimensions: 12.5″ x 16″ x 1.5″
  • Construction Material: Fabric; Two wheel system; Expandable main compartment
  • Front U-zip pockets; Front zip pockets; Bottom zip pocket; Telescoping handle

Cost: $757.18   

Tumi Luggage Arrive T-Pass Kennedy Deluxe Briefcase

Tumi Luggage Arrive T-Pass Kennedy Deluxe Briefcase

5. Tumi Luggage Arrive T-Pass Kennedy Deluxe Briefcase

  • 100% Ballistic Nylon
  • Imported
  • Zipper closure
  • 21.5″ shoulder drop
  • 12.5″ high
  • Front zip pockets, leather carry handles, protective bottom feet
  • Add-a-bag sleeve
  • Laptop compartment that holds up to a 15″ screen size
  • Accessory pouch
  • Inside zip pockets, media pockets, open pockets, phone pocket and card pocket

What Verified Purchasers Have To Say – Extremely well made. Pricey, but worth it. I had used a Tumi computer case for about 9 years and upgraded to this one. It’s only slightly larger than the compact Tumi I had used for so long, but holds so much more. Not sure the T-Pass is all that useful – most frequent fliers have TSA pre-check – but that does nothing to diminish the fabulous quality and looks of this one. I’m extremely happy with this purchase.

Cost: $775.00

Buy It Now From Amazon At A Discounted Cost Of:  $695.00

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