Best Adjustable Dumbbells

If you’re looking for a convenient, effective way to beef up your home gym and your workouts, you won’t find another piece of equipment more versatile then today’s new “selectorized” adjustable dumbbell set. Finding the best adjustable dumbbells to suit your needs however, doesn’t need to become a quest. We have conducted reviews of the top adjustable dumbbell sets 

For anyone looking for a non selectorized adjustable dumbbell set this CAP 40 pound combo pak is the one I recommend. Well built and priced right this set features all cast iron plates, metal collars, comfortable ergonomic handles and a tough plastic carry case.

The set comes with (4) 2 1/2 – lb plates, (4) 5 lb plates, rubber coated collars, an attractive shiny finish and are guaranteed to be rust free. If fast changing weights are not a concern, this is an affordable and well built adjustable dumbbell set. The storage case is easy to carry, measuring twenty inches long, nine inches wide and 42 lbs fully loaded.

Guidelines For Using An Adjustable Dumbbell Set

Whether you buy a complete set of standard dumbbells or a selectorized model adjustable dumbbells can be a great way to build up your home gym without breaking the bank. With so much versatility in the number of exercises you can perform, these hand held free weights can give anyone a terrific work-out all by themselves. The best adjustable dumbbells are ideal for fast paced circuit training, weight lifters (due to an increased range of motion), or medium intensity workouts. Plus they don’t take up much space.

Of course, having the right equipment is not enough to tone and recondition your physique. You’ll need to eat right, get in a few days of cardio every week and throw in some consistency as well. The discipline that surrounds a healthy lifestyle is not really within the scope of this website – but I’m sure you get the picture. Before moving forward with any adjustable dumbbell routine at home, I’ve listed below some essential tips you’ll want to consider.

Setting Up Your Home Dumbbell Gym

Pick up a rubber floor matt to protect the floor from your dumbbells and to use for floor exercises.
If your adjustable dumbbell set doesn’t come with a stand or rack consider getting one.
You’ll need a flat bench for flys, bench press, etc. Try to get a bench that’s adjustable for incline and seated exercises (45 -90 degrees).
That’s all you need! Setting up a home dumbbell gym is about as simple as it gets.

Smart People Use Dumbbells – The Basics


Your own personal goals and fitness level will determine how often and how intense your workouts should be. But here are some general guidelines to follow: Fat loss, toning and beginners should go with high reps and lower weights – 3 to 4 sets and 12 to 15 repetitions are typical. For bulking and more experienced trainers higher weights and lower reps are recommended although variations that can create an atmosphere of “muscle confusion” (see Cross-fit, P90X, Body-Pump) are gaining in popularity and are very effective.


For full body work-outs every other day is standard. A training week would typically have you lifting weights 3 days a week and doing cardio 3 days a week. As you become more advanced you can increase the frequency of your strength training by splitting up body parts. For example you could train upper body with your adjustable dumbbell set on Mondays and Thursdays with lower body exercises on Tuesday and Friday. Throw in cardio at least 3 days a week and you’re training at a more advanced level.

Dumbbells Allow You To Target Specific Body Parts

Most people think of dumbbell exercises as limited to curls and a few basic arm and shoulder movements. However, virtually every body part can be trained effectively with dumbbells obnce you familiarize yourself with these movements. Lunges, squats, deadlifts, weighted crunches, side bends, calf raises, bench press, chest flys, tricep extensions, upright rows and military press are all easily done – at high intensity levels if you’d like, with dumbbells.

Flexibility and Strength

Athletes have known for a long time the importance of maintaining flexiblity to avoid injury and/or to improve sports skills. The extreme range of motion allowed by a dumbbell work-out is perfect for this, and much safer since the rotation of the wrist, elbow and shoulder is much easier with dumbbells over a straight barbell or machine. Stretching the muscle fascia is critical to improved strength and building of new muscle tissue.

Negatives And Failures Anyone?

With dumbbells you can safely incorporate two advanced techniques known as “negative reps” and “going to failure”. Understanding negative reps is simple. When lifting the weight in a controlled smooth motion it’s considered a “positive rep”, while lowering the weight in a controlled motion is called a “negative” one. “Going to failure” with a specific exercise actually means what it says – you perform repetitions until you cannot do another one. The beauty of dumbbell training is that these highly important movements can be done without a spotter and without risking injury. Both negative reps and going to failure should be in the training arsenal of all intermediate and advanced fitness enthusiasts.

Balance, Coordination and Core Strength

Dumbbells can be used to improve balance and core strength as well. Used in conjunction with large work-out balls, balance boards, standing on one leg, etc… you can create an environment that forces your inner core and trunk muscles to work over-time while improving your overall balance and coordination.

Dumbbells Are Good For Your Heart

Circuit training with dumbbells has been clinically proven to reduce blood pressure, increase cardiovascular strength, and improve your cholesterol levels. Fast-paced workouts with lightweight resistance training are what make up the foundations of so many popular workout programs. They’re heart healthy, burn fat and give you a toned, ripped physique. The best adjustable dumbbells allow you to use these routines due to the speed and versatility of the selector pin/dial adjustments.

Know Before You Buy

When you consider the above benefits that adjustable dumbbell sets provide it makes perfect sense to use dumbbells as part of your exercise regimen. They’re relatively inexpensive – especially when you compare them to other home gyms. They take up virtually no space in your home or office and are incredibly versatile in the type of training you intend to use them for. The models I’ve reviewed are the best adjustable dumbbells (under $300) on the market today. Whether you end up choosing Powerblock Dumbbells, Bowflex Adjustable dumbbells, Bayou’s all metal dumbbell set, Universal’s Combo Pak, or even the “old-school” Caps adjustable dumbbells, you’ll be getting a good quality piece of exercise equipment… not to mention a great work-out!

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